You tube copyright updates


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You tube copyright updates

  1. 1. YouTubeCopyright Updates
  2. 2. With the advent of SOPA (Stop OnlinePiracy Act) YouTube Copyright policing is occurring on a much wider more advanced scale than ever before. If you’re an online marketer, video publisher, or social media account manager then you should definitely take heed of these new policies
  3. 3. and understand them thoroughly oryou may unknowingly violate YouTube’s copyright code and subsequently haveyour video deleted or even worse have your page shut down. So here’s an outline of the new policy and ways to protect yourself.
  4. 4. YouTube Copyright | Content IDUnder the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, YouTube isn’t actually held accountable for the copyright infringement, its users are. However,that didn’t stop Viacom’s billion dollar lawsuit and with SOPA creeping in, YouTube doesn’t want to take any chances.
  5. 5. Just how does YouTube copyright laws work and how can you protect your images, logos, and videos? Throughsomething that YouTube calls Content ID, and its explained throughly inMashable’s recent article on YouTube copyright.
  6. 6. To use Content ID, rights holders submit copies of content or ID files that are then run against user uploads. Copyright holders can assign variouspolicies to their content in the event of a match. The policy options are:
  7. 7.  Block — This means that if a contentmatch is found, the video will not beviewable.Track — The video can stay online,but the content owner will be able totrack how many views it receives andfrom where.Monetize — Rights holders canchoose to serve ads on the content andthey will receive revenue from thoseads.
  8. 8. Policy options are available on a regional basis, which allows rights holders to block content in someregions, while keeping them accessible in others. YouTube users can find out about anycopyright notices or Content ID matches by visiting the “Copyright Notices” section of the video manager.
  9. 9. The thing is not everyone out there actually claims their Content ID, sothousands of videos violate copyright laws and are uploaded everyday.
  10. 10. YouTube Copyright | Monetizing Its no secret that one of the majorreasons that YouTube copyright policies are being enforced so strictly is that YouTube makes a good deal of money from this Content ID according to a trusted source.
  11. 11. Within a year, Google had tamed the Wild West of copyright infringement that characterized YouTube’s pioneerdays, both through licensing deals withmajor content providers and through acontent-management program, called Content ID, that alerted copyright holders automatically whenever any part of their content went up on YouTube.
  12. 12. Owners can choose to remove thecontent, sell ads against it and share the money with YouTube, or use it as apromotional tool. Content ID generates a third of YouTube’s revenue.
  13. 13. (In June, 2010, Louis Stanton, the judge in the long-running Viacom v. YouTube case, granted summary judgment to YouTube. Viacom is appealing thatruling, and a decision is expected soon.)
  14. 14. YouTube Copyright | Conclusion Every one is cracking down on piracyand copyright violations these days. It makes me wonder if YouTube willdisappear from the YouTube that we all know and love.
  15. 15. One where we can easily listen to anysong at the click of a button. Howeverits better to be safe than sorry, so stay informed about YouTube copyright updates.