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Why EPiServer CMS Digital Cloud Experience is simply amazing?


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Having an engaging digital experience is now possible with Episerver web CMS Digital Cloud Experience. This infographic explains all the benefits:

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Why EPiServer CMS Digital Cloud Experience is simply amazing?

  1. 1. Why EPiServer CMS Digital Cloud Experience is simply amazing? Benefits of EPiServer’s Digital Cloud Experience: Digital Experience Cloud is a web content management platform offering users a simple yet powerful way to manage and deliver engaging digital experiences. Covers commerce, digital marketing, and enterprise search in a single cloud service Continuous releases offer new features Supports unlimited websites with multi-site management Cloud-based delivery – can be implemented as software-as-a service (SaaS) option Option of perpetual license or license with hosting and managed services 365x24x7 monitoring, support and maintenance by experts Unique application- level SLA, with guaranteed availability Full-stack redundancy, backup, and disaster recovery Flexible and Dynamic Capacity EPiServer Digital Cloud Experience is flexible, with no strings attached. Normal Practice Makes excess provisioning to cater to worst-case scenarios Easy scalability Hands-off scaling on 24x7 basis Risk of customer dissatisfaction if architecture estimate is wrong Ensures seamless transactions always Handles sudden traffic spikes or seasonal variations with ease Make large up-front investments for unused capacity Offers unmatched flexibility Pay only for what is consumed With EPiServer Normal Practice Manually optimize web platform for speed Out of the box optimization Place servers close to main usage centres Delivers computing power uniformly across the globe, with edge content delivery Configure content delivery network occasionally Monthly performance reports and expert advice to fine-tune the site With EPiServer Normal Practice Struggle against security loopholes in heterogeneous systems Delivers time-tested security processes, with duty separation enforcement Coordinates with different vendors and suppliers on security practices, leaving plenty of loose ends Standardized, up-to-date platform minimizing security weaknesses It is a constant battle trying to thwart denial-of-service attacks Extraordinarily strong DDoS mitigation features With EPiServer Normal Practice Customization by applying feature of ideal customer to others Ability to personalize blocks and pages to show the most relevant information for each customer. Study of past trends, which may be irrelevant in present times Historic information about visitors interest and their current context, in real time With EPiServer Ready Made Connector Benefits Episerver Connect for CRM Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM Silverpop Marketing Cloud Timely delivery of relevant content to their target audiences across all channel and devices Easy sync of visitor data with the CRM suite Episerver Connect for Silverpop Connects Digital Cloud Experience with… Normal Practice Multiple interface to create content for different channels Ability to create content directly on-page and get instant realistic preview Text, image, and media files are distinct, and require separate editors Possible to edit all content and media within the editor Manual layout through code, or through templates Easy layout setting through drag and drop of content blocks, media, videos, forms or pages Social media coordination is a hassle Uniform interface to update all social media channels With EPiServer Easy editing and updating option with a powerful editor Powerful Editor Speed is of critical essence in today’s fast-paced business environment High Speed High Security Bulk content publishing option available Powerful and versatile language management capabilities Version history and comparison Easy reuse of content between websites, webpages and channels Kissmetrics estimates: Average prices: Reference: 47%47% of consumers expect a page to load within two seconds 7%7% Delay in page response can reduce conversions by 40%40% of people abandon a site taking more than three seconds to load Episerver Digital Experience Cloud delivers content in double-quick time EPiServer offers several pre-built integrations. It is easy to create plug-in tools for added functionality to seamlessly integrate best-of-breed applications. Out of the box connectors Digital Experience Cloud facilitates behavioural targeting. It Supports Google Analytics to track overall conversions and ROI of social media communications, and Real-time campaign analytics track brand’s social engagements. Deep segmentation and Customization "Pay as you grow" approach with flexible configuration and deployment option suits mid-market companies. Cost of maintenance is blended into the overall subscription fee. Consumption-based pricing Entry-level project: $60,000 Moderate project: $125,000 High-end project: $250,000