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How Cloud Technology fuels Digital Transformation

Cloud is a critical game-changer in industries, rather as an enabler. Digital transformation can be a challenging journey for a business, but the right tools and approach helps the business compete effectively in an increasingly connected world. To attain digital precision, enterprises require strengths that include analytics capabilities, asset and configuration management capabilities, security management, demand and availability management among other capacities.

How is cloud fueling digital transformation initiatives in enterprises? Check out this infographic to know more.

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How Cloud Technology fuels Digital Transformation

  1. 1. Key Challenges in implementing Cloud HOW CLOUD TECHNOLOGY FUELS DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION The Rise of Cloud Technology Cloud is now well entrenched in business. Frost & Sullivan estimates: 50%+ US enterprises now use public cloud 40%+ growth rate in IaaS spending 2019 In IaaS spending will cross $10 billion The Rise of Digital Transformation: Predictions for 2020 Gartner Research: 16 - growth in digital revenues (in private sector)37%+ Forrester Research of revenue to be influenced by digital sources47%+ Research by IDG on executives indicates: 92%consider digital business initiatives as part of their organizational strategy 63%of executives are on their way to materializing digital transformation goals Why Cloud for Digital Transformation Cloud fuels digital transformation, because it is: Organizations take the digital route to: 87% Enhance customer experience 86% Acquire new customers 82% Drive innovative business opportunities 78% Increase flexibility & decrease costs Adopting HYBRID CLOUD-The Present Trends 83% Embrace hybrid cloud to achieve digital transformation 73% Accept the role of hybrid cloud in digital business success 3X more support for accomplishing business readiness goals Faster and easy-to-use Less expensive Increases IT agility $ CLOUD ADVANTAGES IN DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: External SaaS delivered applications Software defined data centers Externally hosted IaaS Internally hosted virtual applications Internal IaaS capabilities TOP Developing a coherent cloud service delivery model Lack of right technologies Poor quality of cloud service Migrating Legacy systems Seek answers to specific questions such as: Automation • Priorities • Moving to a structured, agile program • Tools and capabilities required • Establishing an architecture • Institute enterprise-wide DX strategy • Manage quality of new cloud services • Retain visibility & control of data • Dashboards for real-time analysis • Adequate budget • Top-management support • Internal digital transformation Cloud finance issues • Adopt a metered & dynamic pricing model • Ability to chargeback & fix costs for each service Cloud workload issues • Clarity on portfolio & subscription of cloud based service • Clarity on security, service level, regulatory compliance, volumes, and cost CHALLENGE POSSIBLE SOLUTION REFERENCE • • • • • :-A-Global-View-of-Trends-and-Requirements-pre •