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IBM InterConnect 2013 Cloud General Session: Bryan Guenther


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Presentation by Bryan Guenther, SVIS System Manager, RightShip, at IBM InterConnect 2013

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IBM InterConnect 2013 Cloud General Session: Bryan Guenther

  1. 1. High Performance Workload Scaling in the Maritime Industry How SoftLayer Fits Into the RightShip Story Capt. Bryan Guenther RightShip © 2013 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. #IBMINTERCONNECT Rightship – Our Story  Independent company formed in 2001 • Owned by BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Cargill • Global customer base • Offices in US, UK, Australia  Ship Vetting, Environmental Efficiency & Risk Management Service • Petroleum, Gas & Dry Cargo Vetting Service • 24X7 operation  Award winning proven vetting system • ISO9001 and ISO27001 Certified “to subject somebody or something to a careful examination or scrutiny, especially when this involves determining suitability for something”
  3. 3. #IBMINTERCONNECT The Data Challenge Port State Control Inspections Casualty history Incident history Inspection history Owner/Operator history Flag history Class history Terminal feedback Environmental Impact Emissions rating Detentions Twitter LinkedIn Email Instant Messaging Risk Modeling Mobile Predictive Analytics
  4. 4. #IBMINTERCONNECT The Solution – Why SoftLayer?  Requirement • Enhanced Risk Modeling & BI • New requirements created by SPSS / Cognos • We’re a vetting company, not an IT company • Embrace new cloud technologies - IaaS • Flexibility • Cost control • Fast, solid performance!  Solution • Not all cloud providers are equal • VM / Bare metal options (self provisioning) • Know underlying hardware • Compliance with licensing • Flexibility & Scalability • Cost effective