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Cargo shipping powered by cloud computing


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Cloud computing has been adopted by many industries as a logistics and analytical tool. The maritime industry and cargo shipping in particular are a little slow off the bat. A major breakthrough in technology for this industry is the freight management software that uses cloud computing to network between the many sCloud computing for shipping industrytakeholders on a cargo ship. Read here to know more!

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Cargo shipping powered by cloud computing

  1. 1. Cargo Shipping Powered By Cloud Computing
  2. 2. Freight Management Software- A Major Breakthrough Not so long ago, having a single software that could reach all the stakeholders and at the same time cough up figures on performance by country, state, region, and possibly down to sales reps and freight bills seemed like a pipe dream. The Software as a Service model of the cloud incorporated in Freight Management Softwares has resolved a lot of these problems making the dream a reality.
  3. 3. The Constraints In Cargo Industry The sea is unpredictable and risky Ships have a skeleton crew on-board Ships travel for a long period of time The cargo industry has lot of constraints to deal with. A ship can’t afford to have a system collapse in circumstances when every moment tests its durability.
  4. 4. Present Mode of Operation Operations are manual Information exchange is point to point Lack of homogeneity among systems Time consuming Chance of human error Lack of real time information
  5. 5. The Future of Cloud Computing in Cargo Industry Few Testimonials “2050 targets for the shipping industry for maintaining sustainability and parity with other industries include reduction of fatality rates, reducing CO2 emissions, and reduction (or maintenance) of freight costs” Bjørn K. Haugland, Executive Vice President DNV GL Group “The shipping industry is now embracing cloud computing to open new channels for communication between workers around the globe. This cautious industry is now beginning to appreciate the power of cloud computing and the benefits it can bring” Rachel King of the Wall Street Journal
  6. 6. Features of Maritime Cloud Computing Common Platform for entire freight management Real Time Data update Automated Intelligence Homogeneous Sub-Systems
  7. 7. Benefits of Maritime Cloud Computing Scalability depending on size of the team Accessibility to shared data Real time data enabling quick decisions and actions Work synchronization using shared data
  8. 8. Benefits of Maritime Cloud Computing Disaster recovery through centralized data storage Cost saving through managing routes, schedules, and hazards Easier data mining and diagnostics Faster communication channels
  9. 9. In a Nutshell Proper design and implementation of maritime cloud computing will enable the Freight Management Systems to reach new levels of excellence. The companies can save millions of dollar by having real time data and using it to schedule routes and communication channels. The shipping industry, an industry that has taught the world to adapt, is poised to witness a future of safety. To learn more about the benefits of maritime cloud computing, click on the following link
  10. 10. That’s not all, feel free to share this information For any queries on Cloud Technology
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