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Custom Data Search with Stormpath


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Join Stormpath Head of Product, Tom Abbott, to demo our new custom data search feature, answering any questions along the way. The demo will cover how to store, update, and retrieve the contents of custom data objects. This is a great way for current users to ramp up on this powerful, and much-anticipated feature.

Topics Covered:
- Storing and updating custom data
- What you can store
- Retrieving custom data
- Custom data search queries

Published in: Technology
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Custom Data Search with Stormpath

  1. 1. Custom Data Search Tom Abbott - Head of Product, Stormpath 1
  2. 2. What is Custom Data? • Custom Data is a schemaless information that is associated with many resources in Stormpath
  3. 3. Custom Data can Handle Anything you Throw at it 3 1 Strings 2 Numbers 3 Booleans 4 Objects 5 Arrays
  4. 4. Custom Data can be Stored 4 Accounts Applications Groups Organizations Directories Tenants
  5. 5. Common Use-Cases for Custom Data • Custom identifiers • Events • Dates • Associations • Logs / Errors • The applications are limitless...
  6. 6. Custom Data Search • True schemaless search • Scalable • Types of searches – Key / value – Datetime ranges – Number ranges • Sortable
  7. 7. Custom Data Search - What Resources can you Seach? Accounts
  8. 8. SDK Support?
  9. 9. Demo Time!
  10. 10. THANK YOU AND QUESTIONS 10 THANK YOU QUESTIONS? @omgitstom/in/tomabbott1