In search for a good practice of finding information


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In search for a good practice of finding information

  1. 1. In Search for a Good Practice of Finding Information Kristian Norling IT strategic department Region Västra Götaland KristianNorling
  2. 2. Region Västra Götaland Public sector 50.000 employees
  3. 3. © Region Västra Götaland
  4. 4. Outline1. Persistence and why its important for a better search experience2. The importance of user feedback3. Why metadata can be good and bad at the same time4. How to use search (without searching) to give the users the right information at the right time
  5. 5. “Wish our search was like Google”
  6. 6. “Not Google, but a good effort”
  7. 7. Swedish only
  8. 8. 1. PersistenceGetting search to work takes time,lots of time.......and plenty of hard work• Start with the search strategy• Any search engine will do• Statistics! Statistics! Statistics!• And some analysis too...
  9. 9. hitta (Swe) = findScope Report generated: Show stats for: today, latest week, month, yearChoose time period Show stats N:o searches this year Most common search queries Query N.o: Search queries giving 0 results
  10. 10. 1. Persistence• User centered• Effect management
  11. 11. 1. Persistence• Interaction design• Interface problem? Do it like Google...• Usage analysis (=use tests)
  12. 12. 7 design principles
  13. 13. 1. Persistence• Find your information silos• Analyze them (and add to index)• After publishing information - take responsibility for findability• Information that cannot be found has NO value
  14. 14. You all have a CMS......and people working it?
  15. 15. Do you have a search solution?And how many are working on it?
  16. 16. For every editoralso hire a search editor
  17. 17. 1. PersistenceWork with:• Content owners• Information Management• The Users
  18. 18. 2. User feedback• Good feedback = gold• Catch them when they are mad (or glad)• Answer promptly• Many bugs found• Best suggestions• Combine with search stats for good analysis
  19. 19. “Hope you have good medication” Martin White, Workshop on Search in 2009.
  20. 20. 3. Metadata• Metadata is a blessing for search - and a curse for editors• Metadata is also boring to add - but very useful• Wrong metadata is bad for search - better to have none• Good metadata is search engine heaven
  21. 21. 3. Metadata• Good metadata needs: • Taxonomies (and master metadata) • User input via tagging • Metadata schemas (org. standardised)• Semantic markup is even better• Start with Microformats
  22. 22. Automated information retrieval
  23. 23. Contextual information retrieval
  24. 24. Automagic search
  25. 25. 4. Automagic search• Opensearch• Atom - pubsubhubbub• Watch out for search terms in the information flow -> add to user stream• Send alerts by Atom/Mail/Twitter
  26. 26. 4. Automagic searchMobile:• Use the GPS: Location Based Information• Use the camera: Scan QR codes• Personalized - it is a personal device
  27. 27. What is your Search Maturity Level?
  28. 28. Questions?
  29. 29. Interested in contributing to a wiki/bookproject to create an “Introduction tointranets”?We need you!Follow @intranintro and check out the wiki:
  30. 30. Thank you!