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Music Hackathon: Hokulea Anthem


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Stem Ecosystems Fall Convening, 2019, Cleveland, OH. A presentation on how a music hackathon can teach whole-child PBL featuring the integration of STEM and Soft Skills training.

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Music Hackathon: Hokulea Anthem

  1. 1. Music Hack Creating an Anthem for a World-wide Voyage Steve Sue, Hawai’i Loa Ecosystem
  2. 2. Stakeholders & Partners HI DoE STEM Works Bizgenics Hokulea H. Kapono MM Sound
  3. 3. Content & Soft Skills [STEMSS ] Music Composition Music Notation Sound Engineering Leadership Collaboration Crit-Thinking Empathy Emotional Intelligence Creativity Comm. Arts
  4. 4. Showcase 1. Big Idea (Concept) 2. Invention (Composition) 3. Story (Song Title) 4. Users (Listeners) 5. Goals (Lei of Song)
  5. 5. Challenges IP/Liability Studio Time Distribution
  6. 6. Results Come Kanikapila! (Jam Session) New Anthem, Album, STEMss Kids Goodwill & Cultural X, Leaders Hokulea Song 1:25 Fishes Song 2:28