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Buns Hawaii Deck


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Social venture program for food service operators in Hawai’i. Make fat stacks (sliders and profits) while supporting youth entrepreneurship at Lemonade Alley and other Bizgenics Foundation programs.

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Buns Hawaii Deck

  1. 1. Partner Progra Bizgenics Foundation 501(C)(3) | A Social Venture for Foodservice Operators
  2. 2. Your recipes, pricing & profits Sell Sliders A Free “Franchise” “I LOVE BUNS... Hawai’i” merchandise Sell Slammin’ SWAG
  3. 3. Supplies & Support We provide Buns Hawaii™ brand items to drives sales Bun Boxes Merchandise
  4. 4. ample Numbers 15¢/bun 30¢/bun filling $2.25/bun price 20% food cost Buns Box 40¢/ea includes a built-in tax deductible donation to youth entrepreneurship programs including Lemonade Alley Your 100% Markup on Logo Merchandise
  5. 5. Pic Your Lineup 3, 6, 12 Bun Sets Keiki 3-Bun Box (2 buns + toy) | Sq Salad & Condiment Inserts Logo Merchandise
  6. 6. Bu Buyers Tourists | Locals | Groups CaterinFamily PacksBento Buns™
  7. 7. Web Domains:,,,, Future Phases: Slider competitions, Online order forwarding Pump Up We promote all partner sliders via & Social Media w/ Promotions
  8. 8. Our Share To Charity 100% of our wholesale margin goes to support youth creativity, innovation & entrepreneurship programs at Bizgenics Foundation, a Hawai’i 501 (C)(3) nonprofit. OPTIONAL: You’re invited to donate a portion of your profits too.Lemonade Alley Youth Biz Contest
  9. 9. e Bi Buns Steve Sue Social venturer, brand expert, Bizgenics 501C3 Chairman, partner at SaaS Ventures. Local Projects: ChefZone for Y. Hata, Waikiki Trolley, Kualoa, Shaka Spirits. National: McDonalds, CPK, Domino’s, Chevron, Skyy, Glenfiddich, Cuervo. International: Casino-resorts around the world. Camin Partner at SaaS Ventures, Treasurer of Bizgenics Foundation, former owner of SuperGeeks. Experienced in business development, public relations, communications, retail and food service.
  10. 10. Be a Bunny! Contact: Steve Sue | | (808) 220-6449 Bizgenics Foundation 501(C)(3) |