TKclass News business models 2


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Membership and crowd-funding models for news and media businesses. Part of "Trends in Communication & Information Technology," JOUR 4871-003, CU-Boulder

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TKclass News business models 2

  1. 1. News business models 2: Beyond the ordinary Trends in Communication & Information Technology JOUR 4871-003
  2. 2. Online membership model gaining ground
  3. 3. Online membership model gaining ground Rare for for-profit news site Member benefits Free content for anyone: Invites to live chats with reporters NO PAYWALL! and political figures Members get special benefits Members-only commenting $50/year ... OR pay $100, $150 forum to gift membership (students, Downloading rights to ad-free seniors, etc.) mini-ebooks called TPM Singles Funds long-form political Non-members can buy TPM journalism Singles Launches Oct. 15, 2012“If we put those 20,000 words on the front page of TPM, maybe it would get5,000 views. It’s way too much of an investment of time in revenue terms,because it has to live or die on the pageview model.” -Josh Marshall
  4. 4. Crowd-funding: PlatformsSupport crowd-funding: Investment crowd-funding:
  5. 5. Crowd-funding: Reporting projects
  6. 6. Crowd-funding: Photojournalism projects
  7. 7. Crowd-funding: Digital publications
  8. 8. Crowd-funding portals: for start-upsAllows companies to raise small amounts of money from lots ofpeople through a lightly regulated intermediaryStock, not rewards Made possible in U.S. by theNot limited to “accredited JOBS Act: Jumpstart Ourinvestors” (up to $10K or 10% of Business Startups Actinvestor’s income) (signed into law by Obama in April 2012; implemented 2013)Handles SEC regulations, legal Restrictions on investors easedMUCH cheaper than hiring for crowd-fundinglawyer(s) to do start-up on yourown Can raise up to $1 millionFixed price: $1,995
  9. 9. Crowd-funding portals: for start-ups