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AdzZoo Brochure

  1. 1. Your Customers Are Online… Are They Finding You, Or Your Competitors?
  2. 2. Want more new customers — customers that spend more money, more frequently??? A resounding YES for all businesses, the question then becomes how? Word of mouth, superior products and services, price, customer service, directory advertising, newspapers, TV, and dozens of other methods have all been designed to achieve this quest. Anywhere potential customers are looking, businesses are there too, hoping to be seen by potential new customers. Consumer habits have changed and now, so must business habits, if they hope to reach local consumers again and gain new customers.Habits have changed…and so mustyour business!Ask yourself… “When was the last time I looked in a phone directory?Can I even find my yellow pages? Where do I look for things now?”The answer… Search Engines!How about the local newspaper? Subscriptions are down.Record your favorite TV programs and fast forward through thecommercials? • Why advertise in a declining market? • Why spend more money to reach fewer people?Local business once had access to local consumers…until thoseconsumers’ habits changed. Now, only the companies with theexpertise (or capital to hire the experts) know how to gain accessto the places where the consumers are.
  3. 3. But I already have a website,isn’t that good enough?No, having a website is not enough to be seen in this digital world.Unless your business holds a premium online position, chances are yourpotential customers will never see you! Need proof? When was that lasttime you went beyond the 1st page of Google? Just like real estate, loca-tion matters! Think of the internet as the real estate of the 21st century.The location of your digital information matters! • 97% of all searchers limit their search to Page 1* • Search results are dominated by large companies 97% limit search • Information overload to Page 1 • Higher rank = higher consumer trust *Search Engine Results Page Stats by Statowl.comThe Power of Search Engine Marketing!• 1 in 5 searches are searching locally• 1 in 3 mobile searches are searching locally• 97% of people with online access will research products and services online before they purchase• 55% of all searches are performed with an intent to buy• Target the audiences who are ready to buy
  4. 4. Proprietary Market Analysisand Pricing with NAS!AdzZoo’s dynamic Needs Analysis Software (NAS) is our exclusive andproprietary technology, developed by our experts to quickly and accu-rately evaluate each clients’ industry, local competition, local population &demographics, and provide custom pricing options starting at competitiveto market dominance. Clients, armed with this powerful information, canchoose just how competitive they want to be. Get Seen On The Most Popular WebsitesAdzZoo™ AdvantageWith AdzZoo™ Advantage, our turn-key service, your business information will be featured in thepremium position on search results like the 1st page of Google, high traffic websites, the largest onlinedirectories, smart phones, social networks like Facebook, and other popular places online where localconsumers spend their time. AdzZoo Advantage is saving your business time and money by performing theinternet work for you to create your digital foot print in your local market while being managed 24/7 by our in-house Google Certified Experts.
  5. 5. How does it work?1. Our team of Internet marketing analysts evaluate your market, customer and competition to fully understand your current internet presence. With the aid of our proprietary “Needs Analysis Software” (NAS) we will customize a digital marketing presence tailored exclusively for your business.2. Our team of Google Certified experts design and implement a custom landing page with unique content designed to rank higher on major websites, social networks and Google.3. We utilize Geo-Targeting technology to target your local market, driving local traffic to your business. Simply put, Geo-Targeting enables local businesses to concen - trate on Ad spending in their local market.4. AdzZoo™ pushes your business info out to hundreds of online directories, GPS, local maps services like Bing Maps, Yahoo Maps, and Google Places.5. AdzZoo™ experts and our in-house client managers monitor and manage your campaign daily for high ad relevancy scores, ad click results and proper keyword selection.
  6. 6. What you can expect from AdzZoo’s service! Hands-on Personal Service Creative Content• Local Internet Marketing Analyst • Develop eye catching titles and descriptions (your Campaign Director) which can greatly influence click volume and quality of leads• In-house client manager• Live-chat available for support during business hours• Google Certified Experts working for you Keyword Management • Keyword research and analysis • Continual keyword management for optimum lead generation Landing Page Development• Custom designed and professionally written web pages individually customized for each Tracking & Reports Portal business • Online access to traffic reports, clicks, • Web sites managed by our experts to deliver impressions, and other campaign tracking relevant results and high conversion rates for features our clients Our Experience Your business benefits from our experienced industry-leading experts. As a Google Certified Partner with over 2 billion online impressions delivered for clients in 2010 alone, we are the industry leader in low cost web marketing solutions.
  7. 7. AdzZoo Pricing Packages Basic Advantage Online Media Features Days Bundle Plan Budget Options Standard Web Page Design & Campaign Creation 3 3 7 Days Mirrored Web Page Design & Campaign Creation 10-20 Days Competitive Local Search Optimization 3 3 7 Days Competitive will allow your business to be Web Page Launch 3 3 At Branding exposed commensurate Term with local market com- Link To Existing Business Website 3 3 7 Days petition. Directory Submission 3 3 8-12 Weeks. Google Maps Submission and Optimization 3 3 30-40 Days (Requires client participation)BUNDLE Yahoo & Bing Local Listings Submission 3 3 8-12 weeks GPS Submission 3 3 30 Days Aggressive 9am-4pm EST Online Customer Support 3 3 M-F Aggressive service takes a more bold stance in Meta Tags (Done During Campaign Creation) 3 7 Days your local market to be Web Page Optimization and Monitoring Daily 3 Daily featured alongside the more dominant industry Social Network Placement 3 3 7 Days competitors. Dedicated Account Representative 3 7 Days 31st-35th day Online Traffic Reporting 3 MOST POPULAR after anniversary Keywords Research & Analysis 3 14 Days Online Media Budget Options 3 Levels Market Leader Keywords Selected by Google Certified Expert 14 Days Market Leader is our Keywords Selected by Client $250 Extra* 14 Days most aggressive strategy for local market domi- Search Network 7 Days nance and exposures.BUDGET Content/Branding Network Marketing 30 Days Your business becomes a leader in your local First Page Placement on Google 30 Days online market. Bid Management 7 Days $299.95 $299.95 Mirrored Custom Web Page 10-20 Days Optional Optional *Keywords Selected by Client is an additional $250 per month.
  8. 8. Testimonials“I’ve never seen results like this after 25 years of working with small busi-nesses. For less than $2,000 over nine months, we have sales of more than$46,000 directly because new clients saw our AdzZoo listing on Page 1of Google. That’s a 2,900% return on investment from a single buy! This search engine campaign will probably account for 10% of our 2010 sales. Thanks, AdzZoo!” — Jeff, Crossroad SIGNS“I cannot overstate the value of my AdzZoo Internet campaign. It is a won-derfully simple, yet very powerful approach to drive business to my officeand web site. This process has helped differentiate our office from otherson the Internet and has given us the ability to communicate our uniquevalue to others. Thanks again AdzZoo!” — Benjamin – Chiropractor“I wasn’t sure if AdzZoo would help me. I was already doing my own webpromotion and I thought I had it figured out. Boy was I amazed at the edgethat AdzZoo gave my Internet exposure! It was only a short period of timeafter I started the service that I not only was on the front page of Google,but I dominated every single square inch of it! I am pleased with how wellit has worked, I plan on continuing to use them, and I would happily rec-ommend them to anyone running a business or otherwise trying to beseen. If you are not on the front page of Google, you are losing business!” — Jesse “Mr. PAIN” Stoddard, CPT For more information visit • ©2011 AdzZoo • AZ003.3.11