Twitter Marketing using Sterizon wiZit Handheld Gadget


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Twitter Marketing using Sterizon wiZit Handheld Gadget. Get the customers to follow you on twitter using Sterizon wiZit while the customers are at your place of business.

Like it or not Social Media Marketing is here to stay. Why not use it to your business advantage? Sterizon wiTweet enables store-front businesses such as Restaurant, Spa, Salon, Retail, Hotel, Automotive, Dealerships etc to get your in-store customers to follow your business on Twitter instantly using Sterizon wiZit handheld device. Twitter gives the business the ability to reach broad customer base on the internet instantantly with tweets (short messages of 140 chars or less), and it costs nothing to directly market to them!
Use twitter to send out daily specials, weekly offers, or engage the customer with trivia and giveaways to build strong customer loyalty and to drive more foot traffic to your store-front. Use twitter to promote and raise awareness about your other marketing activities such as Email Lists, Birthday Clubs, Newsletters, Facebook Fan Pages, Mobile Marketing deals etc.

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