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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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  1. 1. Social Digest: Week of September 19Facebook’s Timeline Design Facebook Moves Beyond Yahoo and Facebook to “Share” Buttons offer Socially Curated NewsThis week at Facebook’s f8 event in Facebook has, once again, changed The new Yahoo News feature,San Francisco, they announced the social experience with the whose release coincides with theseveral changes to the platform. extension of their Open Graph launch of the new Facebook OpenPerhaps the biggest was the launch functionality to integrate arbitrary Graph, is an attempt to infuseof their radical new profile design – actions and objects created by 3rd social into the news curation andthe Timeline. party apps into the Facebook discovery process. experience. Timeline will turn your profile into Once users opt into the service,a colorful, easily searchable This means you will not need to they will be able to see whattimeline of your entire Facebook choose to Share or Like your online news stories their friends have readexistence. The Timeline will actions,, rather the Open Graph on both Facebook and Yahooofficially go live in a few weeks. will automatically share it to your News. Facebook page for you.Reference: Reference: yahoo-news/ Reference: down/