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Week	  of	  September	  26,	  2011	                                                                            Digital Rep...
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  1. 1. Week  of  September  26,  2011   Digital Report                                                Since   2009   China s  Renren  Acquires  Video  Site   (headline) Renren, known as the Facebook of China and the nation s leading social network, has just announced that it has acquired 100 percent of, one of China s video streaming services. Renren chairman Joseph Chen shares that this move will help meet user needs of recording and sharing their lives through video format on our social network. Source: Tencent  Weibo  Launches  English  Version   Tencent Wibo has beat out rival Sina Weibo in launching an option to view the platform in English. Additionally, several users with the default language of their web browsers set to English report that Tencent now automatically appears in English, thus suggesting the social site has incorporated IP-sensing to ensure users are viewing the page in the correct language. Source: Google  AnalyFcs  Adds  Real-­‐Time  Traffic  Data   Google is providing a look at real-time traffic through their new tool Google Analytics Real-Time. The tool has been launched in small scale and Real-Time reports will soon be available to administrators with Analytics accounts. The tool will help users gauge how a campaign or post is performing, by tracking the immediate impact to site traffic. Source: