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Personal Digital Preservation


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Published in: Education, Technology, Sports
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Personal Digital Preservation

  1. Personal Digital Preservation THATCamp Switzerland 11-11-11
  2. About this workshop <ul>Slides available on Slideshare Bookmarks listed on Diigo Follow this link : About me : <ul>Alexandre Garcia | digital archivist @souslapoussiere on Twitter </ul></ul>
  4. Save your memory Protect your rights
  5. Risks and threats
  6. Don't trust the hardware
  7. Don't trust the software
  8. Don't trust the cloud!/nico_AsLi/status/111316548194549760
  9. Don't trust yourself
  10. Myth #1 I don't need to create folders. Google is my friend.
  11. Myth #2 Storage is cheap. Why bother ?
  12. Hard Drive 1 TB 140 € / 172 CHF Swiss National Sound Archives Digital Archiving Services 1 TB / year 3'065 € / 3'780 CHF
  13. Let's preserve some data !
  14. Know your stuff <ul><li>What is it ?
  15. Where is it ?
  16. Do you have to keep it ?
  17. How will you use it tomorrow ?
  18. Is it really yours ?
  19. Can somebody else keep it for you ? </li></ul>
  20. File your stuff <ul><li>File to manage
  21. File to retrieve
  22. File to keep what you need to keep </li></ul><ul><li>Filing plan
  23. Files and folders names </li></ul>
  24. Save your stuff <ul><li>File formats
  25. Choose the right hardware, but not only one
  26. One central repository </li></ul><ul><ul><li>+ Backup </li><ul><li>+ Backup (elsewhere) </li><ul><li>(+ Backup) </li></ul></ul></ul></ul>L.O.C.K.S.S.
  27. Don't forget your stuff <ul><li>Check it
  28. Update it </li></ul>
  29. Preserving images, photos and videos <ul><li>File formats
  30. File names
  31. Preserve the highest quality (master)
  32. Never edit the master file
  33. Preserve the metadata </li></ul>
  34. Preserving emails <ul>Issues: <li>Webmail vs. desktop software
  35. Attachments </li></ul>
  36. Some resources <ul>Personal Archiving: Preserving Your Digital Memories </ul><ul><ul><li> </li></ul></ul><ul>Claude HUC : Préserver son patrimoine numérique, Eyrolles 2010 </ul>
  37. Photo credits <ul>3) 4) Flickr/ howzey CC BY-NC-ND 4) Flickr/ jsmoorman CC BY-NC-SA 5) Flickr/ pictureperfectpose CC BY 6,7) Alexandre Garcia CC BY 6) Wikicommons/ Shizhao CC BY-SA 9) Flickr// ladymixy-uk CC BY-NC-SA 10) Flickr/ fredr CC BY-NC-ND 11) Flickr/ ontdesign CC BY-NC-SA 13) Flickr/ theplanetdotcom CC BY-SA 14) Flickr/ wwworks CC BY 15) Flickr/ sararah CC BY-NC-SA 16) Flickr/ ickypic CC BY-NC-SA 17) Flickr/ kaptainkobold CC BY-NC-SA </ul>