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Science fair


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Science fair

  1. 1.  Mouse trap Tape Wood Stick Super glue gun Sting Wood
  2. 2.  We want to prove that the car will move when the mouse trap catches the mouse
  3. 3.  If the string is attached to the wheels and the mouse trap when the car will move forward
  4. 4. Glue the pieces togetherPut tap on the sick as the size of the middle part of the CDPut the little wheels on the other stickGlue the mouse trap at the middle of the carTie the string to the trap and to the stick with the wheelRole the wheel with the string and put the rap to the snap and let go
  5. 5.  The car move when the trap snapped
  6. 6.  The car did move as we said. The car moved when the trap snapped