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History of the Calculator


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Published in: Technology
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History of the Calculator

  1. 1. History of the Calculator Jake Klein And Patrick Witt
  2. 2. First Calculators The Abacus • One of the first calculators know to man • Appeared in Asia Minor 2500 years ago. • Memory Machine • Based off the human hand because there is 5 beads cal3.htm
  3. 3. Schickard’s Machine • Add and subtract 6 digit numbers • Created by Wilhelm Schickard in 1623 • Used a wheel that would rotate one tenth of a full tern mechanical2.htm
  4. 4. Leibniz Stepped Drum • The first machine which could execute all 4 arithmetic functions • Created by Gottfried Wilhelm Von Leibniz in 1672
  5. 5. Troncets or Slide Adders • This was a abacus but instead of using beads it was replace by a sliding bar • Created by J.L. Troncet in 1888 al2.htm
  6. 6. William Seward Burroughs • Created by William Seward Burroughs between 1880 and 1884 • It included a full keyboard and printing skills • Made for the financial workers in businesses
  7. 7. Dorr Felt’s Comptometer • Created by Dorr E. Felt in 1886 • Used a full keyboard which listed the numbers and by pushing the numbers and pulling the lever it would compute cal3.htm
  8. 8. The beginnings of the 10-key machine • Created by James I. Dalton in 1902 • It had two rows of 5 digits in each • Not easy to use and was time manageable cal3.htm
  9. 9. The Victor Adding Machine Co. • Created by Carl Buehler in 1923 • The first one used a full keyboard similar to the Comptometer • Later it was improved with printing capabilities cal3.htm
  10. 10. The First Mechanical Binary Computer • Created by Konrad Zuse in 1936 • First Binary Computer • Its memory consisted of metal plates instead of memory chips • Consisted of 64 words in 3 storage blocks cal3.htm
  11. 11. The Curta, a Mechanical Wonder • Created by Curt Herzstark in 1943 • It had a four function calculator close to the Guass • It is nicknamed the pepper grinder cal3.htm
  12. 12. Microprocessor • Created by Dr. Marcian "Ted" Hoff in 1970 • The first one was a 4 bit microprocessor • This brought us to the calculators we know today cal4.htm
  13. 13. Timeline of Calculators First Calculator Modern Calculator exas_instruments_ti_89_tit
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