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  1. 1. November
  2. 2. RemembRance/VeteRan’sDay• Observed: Nov. 11th• Also known as: “PoppyDay” or “Armistice Day”• It is used to remembersoldiers and military• First observed in 1920after WWI• Poppies are often wornover the heart– From the poem, “InFlanders Fields”
  3. 3. Movember• An annual event in which mengrow moustaches during themonth of November to raiseawareness of Testicular Cancer• “Change the face of men’shealth”• Began in Australia & NewZealand• Canadians have mostparticipants– 2011: $36.9 Million Dollars &199,000 Participants• Also No-Shave November (notfor charity)•
  4. 4. Thanksgiving• Thanksgiving is celebratedon the 4th Thursday inNovember in the US, andthe 2nd Monday ofOctober in Canada• The purpose is tocelebrate life and to begrateful for all the goodthings in life that weexperience• People remember whatthey are thankful for
  5. 5. History of Thanksgiving• 1st celebrated in the US in1621• Feast between the Pilgrimsand the Wampanoag Indiansto celebrate the harvest– The Pilgrims were a group ofEnglish Puritans who traveledto the Americas to findreligious freedom• Many Pilgrims died ofstarvation and sickness duringthe first winter• The spring after their arrival,the Native Americans decidedto teach them to survive…• Later that year, the Pilgrimssaid thank you to God & theirneighbors for their survival
  6. 6. Thanksgiving FOOD!!!
  7. 7. Thanksgiving TraditionsToday• Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade• American Football• The “Day After Thanksgiving” is the officialstart to the Christmas season