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Geocomposer manual

The Milena Principle ontwikkelt "locative media". Voeg zelf een geluidslaag toe aan bepaalde locaties. Dank zij de gps-functie van je smartphone hoor je de audio exact op de plaats die je geprogrammeerd hebt.

In het project 'Luistervinken' in Sint-Niklaas vertellen buurtbewoners en bezoekers over de stad, de natuur en het samen leven, en stellen zo een alternatieve, niet-toeristische audiogids samen:

Presentatie op studiedag "Sociaal-cultureel werk in digitale transformatie" (9 juni 2016).

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Geocomposer manual

  1. 1. GEcomposer Welcome to sonicPlanet Geocomposer GeoComposer is a location based high quality 3D sonic augmented reality composer. You can compose 3D soundscapes by inserting sound objects directly on the map. You can edit your sound parameters and upload your finished piece to GeoComposer library. It will become available to the world. ™
  2. 2. GEcomposer Anyone playing your piece with the GeoPlayer will interact with these sound objects based on current position and experience your soundscape composition. The sonicPlanet Geo apps do read your GPS position and orientation and render the composed 3D soundscape accordingly. ©sonicPlanet, all right reserved ™
  3. 3. GEcomposer ©sonicPlanet, all right reserved Please click on the app icon to open and register as new user
  4. 4. GEcomposer existing users new users Attn: Please enter full & correct information in order for us to keep your data safely and handle upon your request. ©sonicPlanet, all right reserved
  5. 5. GEcomposer After the login screen, the app shows the work list screen. If you want to composer a new Geo piece press the “new” button. Get the list of your existing Geo compositions. You can press on a piece to load it from the server to your iPhone if you haven’t done yet. ©sonicPlanet, all right reserved
  6. 6. preparing the media files..GEcomposer sound material art work files Each Geo composed piece will have sound files and image files organised in its work directory. ©sonicPlanet, all right reserved
  7. 7. GEcomposer preparing the media files audio material is prepared in pairs within stereo mp3 files. Right Channel 1 Left Channel 2 Sound Object A Sound Object B Right Channel Left Channel Sound Object C Sound Object D ………………… ………………… /soundfiles The left and right channels represent separate sound objects. Above, there are actually 6 different rain mono sound files, organised in 3 stereo mp3 files. artwork image files (png) ©sonicPlanet, all right reserved
  8. 8. GEcomposer you can transfer your files easily with the iTunes software 1. open iTunes and select your iPhone at the above left. 2. select Apps on the list at the left and select GeoComposer on the Apps list. 3. Drag your ‘Sonicspace’ directory which includes your work directories and files from your computer. example work files: BuzzBells ©sonicPlanet, all right reserved
  9. 9. GEcomposer The GeoComposer document directory keeps the “Sonicspace” directory on the iPhone /soundfiles artwork. png (640X640) artwork2.png (640X1136) stereo mp3 files ‘artist or publisher name’_’work title’ example case artist/publisher name: sonicPlanet work title: Rain sonicPlanet_Rain workspace directory name It includes your work directory and the multimedia files inside it. The structure is explained below. the underscore is mandatory to separate the artist and title name
  10. 10. GEcomposer ….after putting your work files to your iPhone , you can launch the app and log in if you didn’t before. Finally… You will see the work list screen and the next step will be composing your piece with the uploaded files. If you want to composer a new Geo piece press the “new” button.
  11. 11. GEcomposer Enter the new piece information same as you have defined the workspace directory name. For example; artist name: ‘sonicPlanet’ Project name: ‘BuzzBells’ type of the project you can rename each object when you enter the artist&project name, this list populates and automatically reads these files on your workspace directory
  12. 12. The project has 6 sound objects delivered in 3 stereo files. As you imagine, the first object will have the name “BellA” and the second will be called “BellB”. When you are done, hit this button to generate the layout and switch to the next screen. You can decide if the sound objects will be visible on the map or not.
  13. 13. GEcomposer it is important to turn on play button before switching to the editor screen otherwise you will have no sound
  14. 14. GEcomposer now position your iPhone in horizontal state to switch to the editor display your current position is shown on the map this is also the listener position.
  15. 15. GEcomposer now you can insert the sound objects which you have put into the sound files directory of your work space. just touch and hold 1sec. to insert a sound object anywhere on the map. ©sonicPlanet, all right reserved
  16. 16. GEcomposer The sound objects have several parameters which you can set here. select the object by clicking on it to edit its parameters ©sonicPlanet, all right reserved
  17. 17. GEcomposer You might need to click on this button to make the parameter sliders visible. now it is in Hide mode
  18. 18. GEcomposer this is the volume of the sound object Here you can choose several behavior modes for the sound object each object you do insert follows the names in the list. So here the next sound object will be BellB
  19. 19. GEcomposer you can delete the selected object by pressing the button ©sonicPlanet, all right reserved
  20. 20. GEcomposer After deleting an object, you have to insert it to its new position as the next step. ©sonicPlanet, all right reserved
  21. 21. GEcomposer if the object behavior is set to : cont : Then the object will have constant volume no matter how far it is from the listener. natural : The object volume will be inverse proportional to the distance from the listener. inv-n : The object volume will be proportional to the distance from the listener. distance c : The object volume will be zero after a certain distance set by the GPSactdistance slider. Below this distance the object volume will be inverse proportional to the distance from the listener.
  22. 22. GEcomposer this slider sets the distance threshold in meters. the dispersion slider sets how fast/slow the volume of the object decreases with the distance of the object from the listener. TIP : If you want to create an ambient sound object, keep this value low so that the object propagates its sound in a larger area homogeneously. (like the sun) TIP : If you want to create a point like sound object then keep this value high. (like the street lamp)
  23. 23. GEcomposer you can insert as many sound objects as you have put in your workspace directory You can activate the virtual visiting mode where you can drag the listener on the map anywhere. ©sonicPlanet, all right reserved
  24. 24. GEcomposer You can put the virtual visitor on the map to test the soundscape at various points and orientations. When you turn off the visiting mode, the 3D soundscape will be rendered according to your current location.
  25. 25. GEcomposer If you press directly the “T” button after loading a piece, you will be transferred virtually to the piece environment, where ever it is on the world map. a simple hint…..
  26. 26. GEcomposer When you are done with the editor screen go back to the player screen by reorienting your iPhone to its vertical position. In order to upload all the work data to the server, hit the ‘upload’ button otherwise you will loose your edits.
  27. 27. GEcomposer The app will ask you whether this version is a draft or the final edition ? The draft version means, that it will not be visible to the users of the GeoPlayer, since it is not finished. Only you will see it and can edit it further. The final version means that the piece is ready and will be visible to GeoPlayer users as well.
  28. 28. GEcomposer It is important that you wait until your work files get totally uploaded on our servers. This circle shows that the operation is still on. Depending on your internet speed and file sizes, the upload can take less than a minute or many minutes.
  29. 29. GEcomposer 1. If you want to delete a loaded piece from your iPhone in order to gain disk space hit this button 2. turn this switch on. 3. click again to get back to the work list
  30. 30. GEcomposer when you click on any piece, its contents will be erased from the iPhone It will also ask you whether to erase it from the server.
  31. 31. GEcomposer You can press the “Geo” button to update the work list and see your recently uploaded pieces. You can load the pieces and anytime edit them further.
  32. 32.