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Coupon Workshop


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coupon workshop

Published in: Economy & Finance
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Coupon Workshop

  1. 1. + Coupon Workshop Presented by: Camp Pendleton Frugal Wives We Love Coupons!
  2. 2. + Don’t believe everything you see!   Not realistic   Fraud has been committed   Some stores in the show double and triple coupons   It is a TV show, its goal is to get ratings   Normal hauls don’t give them ratings
  3. 3. + Lets get you Started...   What do you want to accomplish, by couponing?   Don’t be discouraged though out the process   Any savings are better than, no savings at all   Couponing is an art, it takes time and effort.   An educated couponer, is a happy couponer   Set realistic expectations for each of your shopping trip
  4. 4. + Coupon Lingo   BOGO: Buy one get one (Free or 50%)   $1/1: One dollar off one item   $5/$20: $5 off a $20 transaction   P&G: Proctor & Gamble insert   RP: RedPlum insert   SS: SmartSource insert   Stacking: Store and manufacture coupon used together See reference page
  5. 5. + Purchase and Transaction   Purchase: A purchase is the item you are applying a coupon towards. Each item is a purchase.   Transaction: A transaction is the collection of all items which were bought together. One transaction = one receipt   One coupon per purchase: 1 coupon per item   4 coupons per transaction: 4 ‘like’ coupons per receipt What is the difference?
  6. 6. + Now where to get coupons   Sunday newspaper: LA Times, UT San Diego and NC Times   Weekly store advertisements   Commissary coupon table   Manufacture websites, store websites, facebook   Smartphone Apps   Mail   Magazines- AllYou
  7. 7. + Printable Coupons Sources
  8. 8. + Smartphone Applications ShopkickKey Ringibotta geoqpons Cartwheel Snip Snap
  9. 9. + Coupon Resources Match-Ups and Newbie Guides
  10. 10. + Getting Organized   Use an accordion file system   Organize by insert type and date   Only cut what you need   Great for shopping match-ups   What works for you, may not work for someone else! Organization is KEY!
  11. 11. + Getting Organized: Binder   Use a coupon binder   Dividers for categories   Sheet protectors/card holders keep coupons organized
  12. 12. + Sharing is caring!   Sharing coupons in encouraged   Trading at coupon swaps, great way to get started!   Use CP Frugal Wives to trade coupons in between swaps   Swaps are events created within the group, look at events tab   Buying and selling coupons is ILLEGAL
  13. 13. + Expired Coupons   Participation is voluntary   Only commit if you can be consistent   Assigned a buddy overseas   Send coupons once a month, by the 25th of each month   Send picture of receipt or envelope to Stephanie for accountability   Cost of shipping varies Overseas Coupon Buddies
  14. 14. + How Do I Use My Coupons?   Know the rules for price-matching   Know the store policies for where you shop   Know the sales for each week   Read your coupons for specific coupon rules   Plan your trips!   Make a list   Organize coupons so they are easy to use at check out   Be courteous!!! Inform people you are using coupons
  15. 15. + How to Use Coupons   Read the coupon   Follow the limit! P&G: Procter & Gamble
  16. 16. + Stacking Coupons Store and Manufacture Coupon
  17. 17. + Legal Couponing   Rules are there for a reason, follow them   Selling a stockpile is ILLEGAL   Photocopying coupons is FRAUD   Selling coupons is ILLEGAL   Misuse of coupons, not following the rules on actual coupon Rules are Important
  18. 18. + Coupon Misuse Using coupons for unintended products
  19. 19. + Couponing Tips   Create a separate email for couponing ie.   Find a buddy, to go on trips with or plan with   Stay up to date on policies, be an educated couponer   To get the best use of coupons you will need to break away from brand loyalty! Random Tips
  20. 20. + Some Things to Remember   Be able to separate fact from fiction. Just because someone does something one way, don't assume it's allowed or legal.   Find a way that works for you, it’s fun to save money with coupons. Find a way and stick with it!   Have fun with your trips and be encouraging to others   Stay organized, it will make shopping much easier   You are not going to get every deal, pick and choose what you want to shop for   Most important, when in doubt ask!
  21. 21. +