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Testimonials to Deborah Anderson's Skill Set in Educating

Deborah has been an instructor in many areas, computer, information technology, programming, advanced web design, Photoshop (and advanced Photoshop techniques) and the list goes on and on... Check out what her students and instructors say about her tips, strategies, and teaching skills...

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Testimonials to Deborah Anderson's Skill Set in Educating

  1. 1. Gaining from the Recordings Candy: Due to schedule conflicts, I am not able to participate live, but I just wanted you to know that I am so appreciative of the recordings. You have done such a great job, and I feel like I'm gaining the most from the recordings.
  2. 2. Statistics Anxiety Relief Dana: Thanks sooo much for all your help thus far. It has relieved so much anxiety.
  3. 3. About Deborah  Education BSIT (Software Architecture) MS, I/O Psychology Doctoral Candidate, I/O Psychology  Career Chief Technology Officer in Financial Industry Professional Writer / Business Coach / Speaker  Personal Geek: Math (and SPSS / Statistics) Lover Jazz Singer
  4. 4. Classes Deborah Has Taught  Web Site Design  Advanced Web Design (wrote the workbook)  Adobe Photoshop and Advanced Photoshop  Programming  Statistics  Project Management  Facebook Advertising.  Marketing with Twitter Chats.  How to Podcast.  Using G+ Hangouts to the Next Level.  … and the list goes on and on…
  5. 5. Deborah helped MacMillan Publishing Deborah was a key consultant for Macmillan’s first Twitter Chat with the authors of Freakonomics. We knew we’d have a large audience so we were appreciative that her advice and guidance got us through the event and the analytics of the event. She helped us with the planning and live management during the event. She paved the path for our success.
  6. 6. Extremely Helpful! Good day Deborah, I am not looking for you to give me any answers, I would just like to refer to an example, because I am confused as to exactly what they are looking for. :) Any help you can give me would be very appreciated! As I have already told you, your webinars have been extremely helpful! Thanks for everything! -Lynne
  7. 7. Elegantly Communicated Deborah, Thanks for the heads-up. I appreciate the length and depth of your response. I wish I could write as elegantly as you do. Keep up the good work! Professor
  8. 8. Elegantly Communicated Hi Deborah, Thank you so much for your efforts on this issue. I appreciate you relaying the information. I am hoping to find a computer with Windows 8. You have been a key person in making this course tolerable. You instruction is fantastic! Keep up the great work! Thanks, Jimmy
  9. 9. It Shows You Actually Care! Hello Deborah! Thank you so much for clarifying that for me. Let me just say that I thoroughly appreciate your long and in-depth answers. It shows that you really want to help students. Thanks again. Thanks, Shana
  10. 10. Sooooo Helpful Hi Deborah, Thank you so much! You have been a huge help and I really enjoy your webinars. They have been SO helpful! LuAnn
  11. 11. You Saved Us! Dr. Deb, …I finally got that da*n link to open in SPSS. I had to put it on the desktop to make it happen, but it worked. I need to express my most sincere thanks for providing me with support and guidance. Without you as our savior, we would all fall by the wayside. I don't know what they are paying you, but it can't be enough for what you do. Thanks so much, Donny
  12. 12. A Pleasant Common Ground Found Deborah, Just wanted to say thank you for the quality of the webinars you are providing. I watch/listen to the recordings and they are extremely helpful. It got me through a rough patch with installing SPSS, and that was the first couple webinars. I enjoyed hearing about you and husband’s musical/recording background. Interestingly enough, I do my warm-ups and drills while listening to your SI. And yes there is a madness to my method, I can improve my playing AND learn from the webinars simultaneously. So...yeah. Thanks! Much appreciated Warmly, Brian
  13. 13. Get Help!
  14. 14. You are the First instructor to Impact Me like this! Deborah, i wanted to give you a big virtual hug and thanks for the great job you did in this class. I would not have been able to make it through this class without it. Keep up the good work and best wishes on your educational journey. I did provide feedback on how well you did with us. You went out of your way to help us. You have been the first SI Instructor to really make an impact for me. Thank you and God Bless Sally When I wasn’t in SI live i was going over the recording. Thank you soooo much
  15. 15. Ever the Professional Deborah, Thanks for your professional response [to the student,] Deborah. Dr. Johnson
  16. 16. The fearless SI Instructor From the Professor: Our fearless SI Instructor, Deborah Anderson, has posted a converted version of the DAT file for SPSS in Updates / Handouts. It's CONVERTED. That means you don't have to go through the trouble of figuring out how to turn it into a different file format. Yes, Deborah Anderson rocks. To be candid, she may be the best SI I've ever worked with, so let me be clear: Go to Updates / Handouts right now, get that file, and thank your supremely lucky stars you ended up in this section because without Deborah Anderson, things would be pretty messy.
  17. 17. The Professor Speaks Pt 2 From the Professor: Deborah Anderson, the best SI instructor this side of the Matrix, posted a grades.sav file in Updates / Handouts.
  18. 18. Expressing Gratitude Also - I will be attending the webinar on Monday, and just wanted to express my gratitude that we even have webinars like this available! Sandy
  19. 19. Get Help!
  20. 20. Professor says >> “Love Your Ideas” Yes, I think that's a great idea! I also always stress to them that even if they feel totally comfortable with the information, that these webinars can be really valuable. …So if you see it before I do and want to answer, that would be great. And feel free to post to the Updates and Handouts section. I used to post a lot in this section. I look forward to working with you this quarter! Influential Statistics Professor Ph.D.
  21. 21. Love Your Sense of Humor! Deborah, I took advantage of the snow "week" to catch up. Have to say, I have many of the same over-achieving tendencies, I love your sense of humor about it! My Tests and Measurements told me "more is not always better" and I try to remember that. I thought I understood Assignment 1 from readings, but have to thank you for how much work and effort you put into the SIs...unbelievable amounts of helpful information. Pages of notes and hints. I will plan my schedule accordingly to listen to all your webinar recordings! You're amazing! Diana
  22. 22. Your Tips Saved Me Time! Sonny: I just wanted to thank you for the 'time challenged' compilation timeline for the unit 6 asgmt. It was a great last minute checklist! I appreciate what you do!
  23. 23. Couldn’t Do It Without You Bobbie: Deborah, I don't know how anyone could manage to even open the books without your webinars. It has been so helpful in terms of learning the concepts to piece together the assignments and material.
  24. 24. Clearly SI is Improving Their Grades! Thank you so much! I'm so glad that you covered the scoring rubric in SI…I'm glad to see that SI is working for [those who attend and pay attention.] Professor Statistics Ph.D.
  25. 25. Clearly SI is Improving Their Grades! Hi Deborah- I wanted to thank you again for all of your help. I am not sure that I would have made it through this course without your supplemental instruction. Kiki
  26. 26. I Look Forward to Each Week Hi Deborah, I really enjoy the SI course. You are doing a good job with explaining the concepts and I look forward each week to attend. Sincerely, Linda
  27. 27. We Owe You Our Success! Thank you Deborah for your hard work and efforts to help us learn and get what we need to be successful!! :) Thank you :) Joan
  28. 28. I Wouldn’t Have Made It Without You! Hi Deborah I just submitted my last assignment and I am happy to say it is finally over! I think I did better than I imagine I could do in this course thanks to you. Your webinars really made a difference in helping me get a good understanding of the material and the assignments. … continued …
  29. 29. I Wouldn’t Have Made It Without You! … continued … So I just wanted to thank you because if it wasn't for your webinars I don't think I would had passed this class. I wanna wish you the best of luck and who knows I may bump to you again in other courses. Once again, I can't thank you enough, you are super awesome! Have a nice break :) Sally
  30. 30. My Confusion Goes Away! Hi Deborah Anyways, everything was sooo helpful, it made me feel super confident about this assignment. I don't think I would be passing this course if it wasn't for the webinars, I am very grateful and you explain things so well that all my confusions go away after watching your recordings. Once again, thanks for all your help! Sandra
  31. 31. You are so smart…and funny! Good day Deborah, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help in seeing this class through to the end. I appreciate your patience and humor in getting us through it. You are so smart… Thank you. ! Andy
  32. 32. Server Crash and Accommodations Thank you for all of your efforts on our behalf. You are a gem of an SI leader [in spite of computer/server setbacks]. Erica
  33. 33. Resources From the Yonder of Deborah’s Arsenal Thank you very much Deborah for all your help! Moira
  34. 34. Opening the Needed File Ok I really appreciate all of your help. I was finally able to open SPSS and the grades.sav. Now I… will listen to the [recorded webinars] for this week for the assignment … on how to go about doing this assignment. Thank you.
  35. 35. Professor’s Feedback Hi! First, you're doing a fantastic job answering the questions and then continually referring to resources available in the courseroom and the webinars. I think you answered [Erin’s] question well. You're doing awesome so far. Professor Ph.D. of Inferential Statistics
  36. 36. Impressed! Hello Ms. Anderson, I have listened to your recording, and I am very impressed with your SI instruction! Carla
  37. 37. Save Time By Attending SI (Questions Answered) Thanks, Deborah! I hope he starts going to supplemental instruction and I'm glad to hear that you cover these things. I just posted something in the updates and handouts that might help with the first assignment. Professor Ph.D. Recommending SI
  38. 38. I See the Light at the End of the Tunnel! Hi Deborah! It makes me feel so much better to hear that just installing the software successfully is half the battle! I think I was able to answer my own question. I looked through the resources again and found the data set instructions. … continued …
  39. 39. Get Help!
  40. 40. I See the Light at the End of the Tunnel! … continued … Thank you so much for your help! I know I will be reaching out probably in the future to you with questions as well as making sure I attend or at last watch all your webinars! Thank you again! I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and feel that I will be okay in this class! Sincerely, Erica
  41. 41. Genuine Person… Hi Deborah, Obviously, we haven't known each other very long but your strength appears to be more than just the number of hours you've been giving away free (I'm sorry about this, by the way -- I know how that is :-) but also the fact that you work every bit as smart as you work hard. You are thinking through solutions and anticipating problems: This is extremely helpful to everyone in the courseroom. … continued …
  42. 42. … who solves the problems! … continued … You are also taking responsibility for finding these solutions -- really solving the problems -- as opposed merely to vocalizing some fixes robotically. This not only says a lot about who you are as an intellectual but who you are as a person. The more I do this, the more I realize just how important it is to care, to care GENUINELY, for what the learners are trying to do, and for what we are trying to do for them. Thank you for being and doing all those things, Deborah. I've meant every word I've said; you've earned them. The Warm and Friendly PhD
  43. 43. Wow – You Covered Everything I Needed! Hi Deborah! Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! Yes I was trying to start my assignment this weekend but I am happy to know this will be covered on Monday. I was looking for a sample/mock assignment just to see what is really being asked of me for this assignment and I'm glad to know that there will be one in the webinars. I appreciate your time and I probably will be asking more questions after Monday's webinar. Thank you again! Sincerely, Audrey
  44. 44. Thank You For the Spot-On Webinar! Hello Professor, Thank you for such a good webinar. -Montreal
  45. 45. Your Advice Always Works! Great! Thank you so much! It worked :) Sincerely, Audrey
  46. 46. You are My Absolute Hero! You're my hero! thank you for that information.
  47. 47. Getting Through This Assignment Hi Deborah, Thank you for the response! I am certain that I will be taking advantage of the webinars in the future, or if I can't make them, the recordings. It turns out I did well on the assignment....thank goodness! lol. Linda
  48. 48. Amazement Doesn’t Cease You never cease to amaze me. Regards, Impressed Statistics Professor Ph.D.
  49. 49. I Wouldn’t Make It Without You! Hi Deborah! I just finished watching it and was just about to message you that I was able to access it lol! Thank you for checking up on me! I really appreciate all the hard work you are putting into the SI class! It has been so very helpful. I wouldn't be able to do this class successfully if it wasn't for you (I truly mean that)! Thank you again! Sincerely, Andena
  50. 50. I’m Realizing You Really DO Care (No Pretending) Thanks, I appreciate your response and concern. Clara
  51. 51. My Crying Gave Way to Light Bulb Illumination! Deborah, I need to say thank you so very much. I have been sitting here stressing out something awful over comprehending the null hypothesis. After I watched your webinar this evening it began to click. The first video left me scratching my head and crying for help. … continued ...
  52. 52. My Crying Gave Way to Light Bulb Illumination! … continued ... But as I got through the next video light bulbs were clicking on, as I could see from the chat box, this helped everyone else as well. I am so thankful to you. I felt at a stalemate and was becoming even more concern for the rest of the term. Thank you again, Tara
  53. 53. Get Help!