Sin eng-46 - pet rangers spca presentation


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Sin eng-46 - pet rangers spca presentation

  1. 1. Society for thePrevention ofCruelty toAnimals 6287 5355
  2. 2. What we do at SPCA… 24-hour ambulance service for sick, injured veryyoung animals Investigate cruelty complaints Education programmes for students and adults Adoption Programme for unwanted animals A service for lost and found pets Sterilise stray animals (by appointment)
  3. 3. ADOPT(verb) To take into one’s family So, remember… once you have a pet,you’ll need to love him/her FOR LIFE!
  4. 4. DOGS
  5. 5. X
  6. 6. X Don’t feed these! √ Chye Sim Spinach Broccoli Banana CarrotsTreat these! Apples
  7. 7. CATS
  8. 8. Now…Where’s the spot I did it yesterday?
  9. 9. “Please love me all through my life…because I’ll love you for as long as I live.”
  10. 10. RABBITS
  11. 11. “Please don’t pick me up this way – it hurts!”“Instead, carry me like this!”
  12. 12. Ooh, I lovethis place!
  13. 13. HAMSTERS
  14. 14. Give me anice home to stay!
  15. 15. I know I’m cute, but please remember to love me all my life! Interesting facts about hamsters…Hamsters can remember their relatives…In order to stop hamsters from having babies, you must keep them separately…Dwarf hamsters live about 1.5 to 2 years but can live to be 4…Hamsters can be taught how to come by name
  16. 16. “If you see a ear-tipped stray cat, that means it’s beensterilised and is cared for by a feeder!”
  17. 17. A pair of cats can give birth to about 20,000 offsprings in THREE years!Can you really find homes for all of us… and our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren?
  18. 18. Why sterilise?:: so that unwanted baby animals need not be born to suffer:: an unwanted animal living as a stray risk being culled or abused:: your pet will be calmer and more affectionate:: reduces the risks of cancer of the reproductive organs:: makes your home cleaner because your pet won’t mark thehouse all over with its urine
  19. 19. Adoption ChargesDOGS CATSMale - $145 Male - $50Female - $155 Female - $65*For sterilisation, vaccination, deworming, micro-chipping and licensingPedigree Rabbit - $50 Guinea Pig - $10Chinchilla - $100 Hamster - $10Rabbit - $10 Mice - $10*Sterilisation for all except hamsters. Micro-chipping only for rabbits.
  20. 20. Why microchip?… animals don’t have wallets to keep their ICs!… most pets don’t remember their way home if they’re lost… your pet belongs to you, and no one else can claim otherwise… you know there’s still hope if he’s lost! I’m the size of a rice grain, so I won’t hurt your pet!
  21. 21. Please don’t get me… Me just for my lookstoo! but because you truly and dearly love me. Me too!