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Boys like that 5


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Published in: Sports, Education
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Boys like that 5

  1. 1. Boys Like That
  2. 2. INT. SCREENFLOW. NIGHTWe see a computer screen with a chat room. MADDIE (VOICEOVER) Every girl is destined to find her Romeo. BUBBLEGUM_GIRL You sound too good to be true :). FOOTBALL_BOY I wish I cud act like this infront of my friends I feel so natural when I’m tlkin 2 u. I wana meet u :) BUBBLEGUM_GIRL I don’t know. FOOTBALL_BOY y? MADDIE (VOICEOVER) When people can’t see you they can’t judge you. BUBBLEGUM_GIRL I’m not your typical girl. FOOTBALL_BOY And thats wat i like bout u :) MADDIE (VOICEOVER) But beggars can’t be choosers. BUBBLEGUM_GIRL Well I guess we could.. FOOTBALL_BOY I’ll meet u at the park off (road) 2moro at 5? MADDIE (VOICEOVER) And I’m begging. BUBBLEGUM_GIRL Can’t wait :DMaddie a 16 year old with glasses, no make up and greasyhair. She is wearing patterned trousers and a big top movesaway from her laptop and looks in the mirrorPause (CONTINUED)
  3. 3. CONTINUED: 2.She looks carefully at her reflection MADDIE As if...EXT. COURTYARD AT SCHOOL. DAYA group of 4 boys hang about in the courtyard. One of themis ADEN a tall handsome athletic guy about 17 years old.Thegeneric high school popular boy BOY 1 So who is this girl? ADEN She’s amazing BOY 2 Is she hot ADEN Bangin’We see Maddie walking through the school gates holding herbooks. BOY 1 Like her yeahAll the boys start laughing apart from Aden. BOY 2 (loudly) She’s so uglyMaddie Turns, looks and awkwardly smiles at one of the"popular" girls.Aden and surrounded by his friends walks straight into herand she drops all her books. He has a guilty look on hisface when he knocks her down and they make eye contact inwhich we see his guilt. She picks up her books. MADDIE Charming.Aden turns to his friends who wait expectantly for him tosay something ADEN (reluctantly) Grim Girl!
  4. 4. 3.Maddie carries on walking. Adens friends are happy with himand leave for their classes. Aden stands on his own for abit.INT. CLASSROOM. DAYShe sits down and we see time pass through a montage ofquick editing (shot of her writing, shot of her eating, shotof her writing, shot of her answering a question, writingmore, school bell rings). We hear a bell sound and time goesback to normal speed. MADDIE Here goes.EXT. COURTYARD AT SCHOOL. DAYShe gets up and leaves we follow her out the gate. MADDIE (VOICEOVER) He’s not gonna be impressedEXT. OUTSIDE MEETING POINT. DAYShe looks at road sign, looks at her phone background and atthe picture of her dog. MADDIE Wish me luck.EXT. MEETING POINT. DAYAden sitting on bench waiting. He’s looking nervous, keepslooking at his watch, around him and is fidgeting.EXT. OUTSIDE MEETING POINT. DAYMaddie takes a breath and walks around the corner to seeAden sitting there. She whips back around the corner andslams herself onto the wall. She breathes and walks past. MADDIE: Oh my god oh my god my god.As she walks past we see Adens anticipation because hethinks it’s going to be the girl from his chatroom. When themystery girl (Maddie) keeps on walking he sighs.
  5. 5. 4.INT. MADDIE’S ROOM. NIGHTMaddie storms into her room. We see her dog sitting on herbed waiting for her which shows how close they are. Her roomis quirky and geeky. MADDIE You wont believe what just happened ruby! You know I went to meet him? It turned out to be that idiot Aden from school.We hear a pop up on her computer. FOOTBALL_BOY Where wer u 2day? MADDIE What should I do!? FOOTBALL_BOY U sed that ud meet me.. BUBBLEGUM_GIRL But what if I’m not how you think I am? FOOTBALL_BOY What? BUBBLEGUM_GIRL Forget it. FOOTBALL_BOY Please I really like you. I wont judge you. Promise :)We see Maddies face look confused. MADDIE Ruby! What should I do? BUBBLEGUM_GIRL Okay I finish for half term tomorrow so lets meet in the day.As she presses send it fades to black.
  6. 6. 5.EXT. MEETING POINT. DAYWe see Aden sitting there waiting again, Maddie’s body comesinto frame. Aden stands up and they start walking towardseach other. MADDIE (VOICEOVER) Oh my ADEN (VOICEOVER) God MADDIE (VOICEOVER) I can’t believeThey get close and stop in front of each other. ADEN It’s you.She looks at him and awkwardly smiles. MADDIE Surprise.He looks really shocked. MADDIE I told you you’d be dissapointed. ADEN And I told you i wouldn’t judge you.She smiles. ADEN Come, lets talk.They walk off together. MADDIE I don’t understand.. Why are you being so nice to me? ADEN Because I know how you feel, I haven’t always been one of the lads. MADDIE Okayyy haha (CONTINUED)
  7. 7. CONTINUED: 6. ADEN Just trust me.Fades to black.INT. MADDIE’S ROOM NIGHTMaddie runs into her rooms really happily. She lies down onher bed and takes a huge breath with a massive grin on herface. We hear her get a text message. She looks at herphone. ADEN (TEXT MESSAGE) Hey I had a really great day today lets hang out again soon.MONTAGE SEQUENCE.We see their relationship grow by dating in differentplaces. We see them in coffee shops, restaurants, bedrooms,cinema, and park. From the park the montage stops and goesto normal time.EXT. COURTYARD AT SCHOOL. DAYIt’s the first day back from half term. Aden’s standingthere with all his friends, Maddie walks through the gatesand goes straight up to Aden. MADDIE You forgot to call me back last night. BOY 1What?We see Maddie look intimidated. MADDIE You forgot to call me last night Aden. BOY 2 What is this chick talking about. ADEN What are you talking about Maddie? (CONTINUED)
  8. 8. CONTINUED: 7. MADDIE Do you not remember anything that happened this week? BOY 1 Is she serious.Aden stays quiet. MADDIE Your pathetic.Maddie walks off. BOY 1 Oh my! Did u actually do shit with her Aden.Aden stays quiet. They all laugh. BOY 2 That’s so dirt man.They all walk off and we see Aden standing there alone.EXT. STREET. DAY.Maddie’s running home looking really upset.INT. MADDIE’S ROOM. DAY.Jumps onto her bed crying. MADDIE Ruby what was I thinking? This was never gonna work out was it?She gets a message through on her computer. FOOTBALL_BOY I’m so sorry Maddie.She ignores it. FOOTBALL_BOY I’m an idiot, I know I’ve upset you please try and forgive me.She scrolls up and sees there old conversations and smilesbecause she remembers how nice it was.
  9. 9. 8.EXT. COURTYARD AT SCHOOL. DAYEveryone’s there and Aden walks straight up to Maddie. ADEN I’m sorry. Maddie we’re so much bigger and better than this. You mean more to me than they ever will. MADDIE Seems like I’m always embarrassing you though.She turns and walks away. Aden looks gutted. As she walkshome she has a flashback of all there good times. By thetime she gets home she decides she’s going to forgive him.INT. MADDIE’S ROOM. DAY. MADDIE Ruby I need to I need to show him how much I care about him.Ruby runs and sits on Maddies magazine on a make oversection. Maddie looks and smiles cunningly. MADDIE Ruby your a genius.She leans over and kisses her.Looks at herself in the mirror with a prepared expression.Looks at her watch. MADDIE Shit.She runs out her room and then we see her run back inholding a full boots bag and a bag of clothes. She puts thebag down and we see she has bought make up and a new outfit. MADDIE TEXT Meet me after school at the bench. I need to talk to you.Make over sequence. We see her put contact lenses in,pierces her nose, fake tans, straightens her hair (badly),puts fake eyelashes on, make up and change of clothes andputs on high heels. We don’t see her whole body for thewhole sequence.
  10. 10. 9.EXT. MEETING POINT. DAYWe see Aden sitting there waiting again, Maddie’s body comesinto frame. Aden stands up and they start walking towardseach other. ADEN Maddie is that you? MADDIE I wouldn’t want to embarrass you.She smiles jokily. ADEN You couldn’t that if you tried.We see them hug and it fades to black.