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How To Become A Genius... Imagine for a second what you could do with a dramatic boost in intelligence and brain power. Who could you impress? Where could you get ahead? What kind of confidence would you unlock? What could you achieve that you always wanted to?

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Genius Project

  1. 1. ==== ====Learn How You To Can Become A Genius: ====Contrary to popular belief, Genius isnt about intellect as much as most people believe. Eventhough they rate genius based on IQ, there are some very smart people who are not geniuses andsome very dumb people who are. The reason for this is that Genius is actually more about how thebrain / mind works than how smart someone actually is. The brain can be trained to focus onintelligence and thus allow the Genius to become exceptionally smart. However, the brain can alsobe applied (or not applied) to many other things and thus lead to many, many other outcomes(besides intelligence).Dont confuse all of this with people being called a "Musical Genius" or other such thing. In manyways thats a label people use to try and make the person "more than". That isnt to say they arenot a Genius, only that the word "Genius" is being used in an arbitrary fashion without regard forwhat it actually is.This is very important because Genius is about how the brain works and not what you do with it.That distinction is essential because Genius is something youre born with and cant be createdlater on. Its like natural hair color - you can alter it to make people think its something different,but the reality is set by your genetics. The reason people want to be called or seen as a "Genius"will be another topic of discussion for another time (its too in-depth to discuss now).To understand Genius you first need something to compare it to that you can wrap your headaround. To do that the best place to go is to look at the world of computers (dont worry if you dontknow much about them). A Genius would be the best and brightest computer on the market - theone with the biggest hard drives, most memory, and fastest processor. The average person wouldbe just that, the average computer on the market. Both use the same components to do the samethings. The only difference is that the Genius computer can do more things at one time, do themfaster, and store more information.The key to remember in this example is that they both do the exact same thing. The onlydifference is that the Genius can do more things at once and do everything faster. Sometimes thatcan be a major advantage, but other times it can be a major disadvantage. Take for example usinga basic word processing program (i.e. text editor). If you were to only use the word processor onthe Genius computer and nothing else, then all of the amazing resources are wasted. It wouldactually make little difference which computer everything was done on. In order to get the most outof the Genius computer, it needs to be doing more complex tasks that use all of its resources fully.That is one of the hardest things about actually being a Genius. If you dont have something tofocus your mind to, it will find many other things to focus on that can make you feel scattered andlost. As an example of that, I myself love to write. The problem I have is that I could write aboutthree hundred different topics at any one time. It can become very difficult at times for me to focus
  2. 2. my mind to write about only one topic. Even if I can do that it can be even more difficult tocondense what I want to write into a manageable chunk of information. This topic alone I couldhave written ten times bigger in less time than it took to write this version. Thats because here Ihave to focus very hard to keep it short and to the point. My mind wants to give you every lastscrap of info on the subject all at once.From all of this remember that "Genius" isnt about intellect as much as it is about how the mindworks. If a genius can focus on learning they will become very smart in whatever fields they study /learn. If the genius has nothing to focus on they can become overly scattered and unfocused inlife. Something many people can take to be undisciplined, lazy, or whatever else. However, whenyou want to do fifty thousand things at the same time - which one do you pick to focus on? Thatsthe way the genius mind really works. Just understand that it isnt about daydreaming or wishingfor something else. The genius mind isnt focused on just the "good stuff", it focuses onEVERYTHING and ANYTHING (usually all at the same time). Thankfully the brain of the geniuswas designed to do that, otherwise it would literally drive them insane.Imagine for a second what you could do with a dramatic boost in intelligence and brain power.Who could you impress? Where could you get ahead? What kind of confidence would you unlock?What could you achieve that you always wanted to? Seem too good to be true? Check it out andread the success stories. Youll see a lot of skeptics whove become evangelists for this man. Article Source: ====Learn How You To Can Become A Genius: ====