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Flyer co summit 2012 smarcos flyer cnr


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Flyer co summit 2012 smarcos flyer cnr

  1. 1. Smart Composite Human-Computer Interfaces ARTEMIS Project 100249 Authors: Giuseppe Ghiani & Fabio Paternò (CNR-ISTI) SMARCOS WEB MIGRATION PLATFORM The Web Migration Platform is a Web-based support that allows end-users to migrate Web applications across client devices. Migration consists on moving interfaces (e.g., Web pages) between devices automatically and by preserving the interaction continuity. The Platform is compatible with most client devices (PCs, tablets, PDAs, …), is accessible by multiple subscribers and provides data confidentiality/integrity assuring users’ privacy and security. EXAMPLE SCENARIOS: MIGRATION OPTIONS: - Total migration of the Amazon page from PC to Tablet, before - Total vs. Partial: entire page leaving home, maintaining the partially filled search form and the vs. one or more parts of the purchase session (login, basket content) on the Tablet. page - Push vs. Pull: migration - Partial migration of Ebay from Laptop to Smartphone, by pushed towards vs. migration selecting the search results column and the main refinement pulled from a device options. The obtained simplified custom view suits well the small target device. - Single vs. multi-device: single target vs. multiple target - Multiple target migration for sharing a flight itinerary with a group of travel companions. INNOVATIVE FACTORS:  Compatibility: use of standard Web technologies, suitability for most Web browsers.  Expansibility: integration with other sub-systems (e.g., context managers for automatic migration).  Security: compliance with SSL protocol for data confidentiality and integrity. SponsorsPartners SMARCOS project (100249) is partially financed by ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking, the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade (MITYC), the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands (Agentschap NL) and the Flemish government Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology (IWT) under contract number 090787.