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SMARCOS INDRA WP6 Poste Vehicles Domain Final


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SMARCOS INDRA WP6 Poste Vehicles Domain Final

  1. 1. Smart Composite Human-Computer Interfaces ARTEMIS Project 100249 Authors: Miguel Rivero & Jorge J. Rodríguez (INDRA Sistemas S.A.) SMARCOS COLLABORATIVE SYNERGY-NAVIGATION SYSTEM The Collaborative Synergy-Navigation system is an SMARCOS project pilot within the area of Complex Systems and explores the challenges associated with common HCI in P2P communication environment. This scenario will provide Interfaces embedded in vehicles with the means to automatically broadcast information on themselves throughout a network of moving nodes, using a dynamic process so that any relevant data can be shown to all intended users in the fastest possible way. This new paradigm allows to exponentially exceed the range of any individual device. SERVICES: SOLUTIONS: • Real Time Automatic Events Notification • DRIVERS: Instant graphical notification of automatically detected • Geo-Positioning Interfaces emergency situations & accidents • GOVERNAMENTAL TRAFFIC AGENCIES: • Collaborative scouting of big areas displayed on A global view of all traffic events automatically reporting screen warning calls to any situation requiring a quick answer COMPILING & MERGING DATA TO FILTERING & SORTING REPORTING BROADCASTING SHARE AN UPDATED DATA TO IDENTIFY KEY INFORMATION INFORMATION ENVIROMENT IMAGE UNIQUE SITUATIONS VERBALLY INNOVATIVE FACTORS:  Multi-user interactive common interfaces in context awareness  Embedded Devices capable of communicating events automatically in real time SponsorsPartners SMARCOS project (100249) is partially financed by ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking, the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade (MITYC), the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands (Agentschap NL) and the Flemish government Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology (IWT) under contract number 090787.