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SMARCOS poster_lifestyle research day 2011_rule-based-digi-coaching


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SMARCOS poster_lifestyle research day 2011_rule-based-digi-coaching

  1. 1. Lifestyle Research Day 2011 Contacts: Monique Hendriks Aart van HalterenSituated Coaching: integrating human coachingexpertise into the coaching engineConsumer Benefits • Monitoring :anytime anywhere • Observe physical activity at the office • Context: Time and place of advice and feedback • In front of the elevator: “take the stairs” • Not during an important meeting • Multiple devices: Advice is delivered on a suitable device • Mobile when on the go • PC at work • Consumer devices • Coaching quality: consistent with human coaching, but more cost efficientWorking Principle • Monitoring: Sensing devices monitor the user’s behavior • Context: Calendar, GPS, local weather websites, etc. provide information about user’s current and future situation • Multiple devices: A smart space allows multiple devices to connect to the system • Coaching quality: Engine is programmed directly by the coaches, resulting in a reduction in labor costs and less room for human errorTechnology Status • ‘Skip’ the software engineer • Automatic mapping of intermediate, language to inference rules (machine language) • ‘Skip’ the rule designer • Mapping from intermediate language to coach’s domain language ongoing • Language allows and requires explicit specification of timing, device and emotion • Advice can be presented by an avatar displaying this emotion in facial expression and body posture Smarcos –Smart Composite HCI