Thoughts and inspiration behind e-swaraj


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Thoughts and inspiration behind e-swaraj

  1. 1. The Idea of e-swaraj Some of the thoughts and inspirations that led to the idea of e-swaraj Also answering some misconceptions along with suggestions.
  2. 2. E-swaraj – dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi- Who gave us the concept of swaraj Dr B. R. Ambedkar Who gave us the constitution E-swaraj is dedicated to
  3. 3. E-swaraj – also dedicated to Good politicians, social workers, army men, farmers and common people of india.
  4. 4. E-swaraj a first of its kind • Eswaraj is almost an original idea, first of its kind that uses wiki, forums etc in a “social context. This idea should be implemented not only in India but every civil society of the world. • No matter how much good government is, no matter how less corruption is an e-swaraj platform is MUST for any country. So that each voice is heard and justice is done! • We have innovated so much in terms of science in so many years. But democracies still work the way it worked 50 years ago. • With the invent of internet, social media has brought many positive changes. It just need to be more organized so that it can bring more positive changes in the society. • E-Swaraj, is the revolution of democracy which will eventually improve the system with its holistic approach. • It will support and enhance the temple of parliament, the democracy which creates a free environment in our country!
  5. 5. Poem - My countrymen if we cannot fly now let’s start with a walk? There is enough talk, To reach somewhere, we should walk So let us break this mental lock, My countrymen, we should not Request a vehicle of help from the corrupts But we should take initiative AND start a walk… Because we wont reach anywhere, If we don’t make a move, If not fly, if not run At least walk? Let us remember the story of turtoise, Slow and steady will win the race, So if we cannot fly, Let’s talk, and keep on the walk Come together for e-swaraj Because it may not make the progress fly, But it will start the walk.. It will bring us closer day by day To a better tommorow!
  6. 6. Poem How can we win a lie? A lie can be won with only truth With facts, figures and with proofs Stop pleading like a timid bird Stand use your mind like a sword Facts, proofs and videos can bring a quicker decision in court If the allegations are backed up with proofs So let us come together And contribute with the facts? So that we can erase all the lies from this world? And make it truthful? Because a lie benefits one, And truth does good to all….!
  7. 7. E-swaraj- some thoughts and answers • Before misconceptions and controversies arise, let me make clear: • E-Swaraj will not replace courts, it will NOT replace the parliament. We respect democracy. It just supports the present system. – It aims at helping the government to make reforms with organized facts contributed by common men on the cases section. – It aims at helping the police and judiciary by getting more whistle blowers getting proofs and facts relating to any case. – It will help and empower common people, make them aware citizens. Make them “e-swaraj educated” and not just literate! – It will not just give help for one time. But the wiki section can make people knowledgable enough that they can help and guide others.
  8. 8. E-swaraj • All the cases of e-swaraj aims at strengthening the present democracy not replacing it. • Today the democracy suffers of corruption and anarchy because of lack of participation by the common people. • Common man is busy earning daily bread, and online platform will enable everyone to take out few minutes everyday and become a participatory citizen and not a “sleeping citizen”. • E- Swaraj will never become a section of a political party. Not even Aam Aadmi party. Not of any religion. But people of all parties, religion and sects of the society are welcome to join it. • Only people with clean records will be able to become top members and moderators.
  9. 9. E-swaraj • Vedic texts say that rules, policies should change according to time. We agree with the saints who wrote the vedas. E-swaraj will be ever evolving and innovating. A system that will change according to needs. • Any decision will be taken after a constructive decision and facts. Voting and polls will become integral part of the system. • Even government can take some ideas and incorporate the online platform in its own departments. • With e-swaraj, retired IAS officers, professors, Civil service officers will all be able to expose the loopholes in the department they were in. This alone will bring a tsunami of reforms backed up by facts and valid proofs!
  10. 10. E-swaraj- the dream • There will no or very little donations involved. Currently many NGOs ask for general donations and many a times the money is wasted. • But with e-swaraj, a specific system would be made where specific monetary help would be asked for. This way , the person donating will get complete expense details on the “case/reform” page. • Not only the person donating but also other members/non-members can open up the “Case” section and monitor the expense done on any case or reform! • E-swaraj is such a straight forward, no frills idea that no corrupt official can oppose it. • Moreover, it is so flexible that any loopholes will be eradicated not by few individuals but general consensus of all the members.
  11. 11. Can we make it happen?