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VodoModo Sponsorship Opportunities


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For the first time, national brands get their message in front of millions of tech savvy travelers, in their neighborhood, at the very moment they are spending money - the perfect storm of marketing.

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VodoModo Sponsorship Opportunities

  1. 1. TM T TM your world is calling Your Best Ad Spend: • Connects with your target customers when they are ready to spend. • Understands their moods, interests and needs at the right moment. • Taps them on the shoulder and ushers them in your door. VodoModo is a pioneering new media company that does this, and more. We’ll show you how. But first, what is VodoModo? VodoModo is the travelers’ new best friend. VodoModo delivers smart, insightful mini-movie tours of the world’s most captivating sites to travelers’ smartphones (iPhones, Blackberries, etc.) while they are on location. Whether you are standing in front of the Washington Monument, gazing at the Golden Gate Bridge, or strolling through Central Park, VodoModo is there. What’s a “Mini-Movie Tour?” Imagine a 5-minute movie that breathes new life into hundreds of popular, historic landmarks and sites, revealing the colorful personalities, great sagas, and hidden secrets that make traveling worth the trip. What was it like to arrive on Ellis Island? Who designed the White House? Where did the “Hollywood sign” come from? VodoModo gives you the surprising backstories, while you’re there.
  2. 2. TM T TM your world is calling Now that you know what VodoModo is, why should you care? Because VodoModo users are your potential customers. 81% of travelers are historic travelers that want to be immersed in the history of the sites they visit - they seek an informed experience that provides greater insights into history and culture. Travelers with money to spend and little familiarity with the area, also learn about dining, shopping and other recreational options nearby through VodoModo; they expect to spend on dining, shopping, recreation and more (about a half a trillion a year). VodoModo is there. Making the travel experience truly memorable. Why Smartphones? In the U.S. alone, 109 million subscribers have video-capable devices (Nielsen Mobile). And half of mobile phone users access content using their mobile phone on a weekly basis (Frank N. Magid Associates). Last year, 200 million smartphone devices were sold in the United States. That number keeps growing. These same people explore the world. Last year, 300 million travelers visited landmarks and historic sites in the United States. Today’s travelers are tech-savvy. They expect to be connected 24/7. Their phones are like limbs. They go everywhere! Carrying a guidebook is becoming a thing of the past.
  3. 3. TM T TM your world is calling What about the competition? Well, there is none. VodoModo is at the forefront of creating original, rich mobile content that is delivered to mobile devices. How does that work again? Our original, compelling mobile content is actively downloaded by the traveler. Unlike a billboard, travelers actively seek it. They take breaks, dine, shop and relax while sightseeing. While they are doing this, VodoModo is there, guiding them to your door. Where is VodoModo? We’re on track to have 180 destination mini-movie tours done by the August 2010 which attract over 200 million visitors a year in these locations: Washington, D.C., New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Miami, New Orleans & The Great American Wonders including Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, etc. Within 5 years, we’ll have mini-movies in multiple languages on over 1000 historical sites worldwide, which attract billions of annual visitors.
  4. 4. TM T TM your world is calling How many potential customers? In D.C. we have 26 mini-movie destination tours. D.C. gets over 20 million visitors a year. Most visit the memorials with VodoModo content. In NYC we have about 26 destinations. NYC gets over 45 million visitors a year; 3.5 million visit Castle Clinton National Monument; 3.8 million visit the Empire State Building; 5.0 million visit Ground Zero and on and on. These are all VodoModo destinations. Half of travelers have video enable mobile phones. When you sponsor a pre-roll ad, our content is free to travelers. Get your message in front of millions of tech savvy travelers, in your neighborhood, at the very moment they are spending money. Seeing your message? Travelers interested in VodoModo content typically take 7 days for a leisure trip. By the third day many are wondering what to do next. With VodoModo they get a full weeks’ worth of exploring. We expect each customer will view at last 15 destination tours and navigate to at least at 10 What’s Nearby pages for each destination. In D.C. alone that would mean more than 12 million impressions in Year 1.
  5. 5. TM T TM your world is calling How do I get started? VodoModo is changing the way people travel. Before you know it, we will be in 9 major U.S. markets with 180 destinations making travel much more fun, easy and memorable to millions of travelers. By 2011 we will be international. Get on board now as a founding sponsor and grow with CITY SPONSOR Select a city and your 10-second pre-roll video ad appears before every mini-movie viewed in the city for a given period of time. Plus a clickable sponsor logo on and the home page takes the traveler, who is in a spending mindset, to your mobile or web page. A city sponsor pays for the tour so it’s free to the traveler. As an added bonus, we include a link that loads your own 2-3 minute mobile video/commercial further highlighting the value you bring to the traveler. WHAT’S NEARBY SPONSOR Select a genre in a city for a given period of time: 1) Restaurants, 2) Bars/Clubs & Pubs, 3) Shopping, 4) Other Entertainment or 5) Business/Prof. Srvs. Get a clickable banner ad on every page served for that genre in the selected city. When clicked, a map displays your location(s) nearby including promotional copy/graphics. Let’s work together. Give us a call. 414-732-1297 on the web or your phone