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Presentation for Northwestern Technologies

Published in: Business, Technology
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Imkt120 1105 b-01-unit 1 ip_lewisscotta

  1. 1. NorthwesternTechnologies
  2. 2. Emergence of Social MediaCurrent Social media LandscapeOpportunities and Benefits of Social MediaConclusion
  3. 3. Social networking is evolving rapidlySocial networking began with teenage socializingSocial networking rapidly evolved into a business networkThe marketing power of social media has increased brand loyaltyCharts reveal evidence of evolution
  4. 4. Social networking sites reached 82 % of online usersCharts from Media Metrix reveal evidence of evolutionSocial networking accounts for 19% of online time in 2006Social networking accounted for 69% of online time in 2011
  5. 5. Social networking is also on the rise in other countriesStatistics reveal the effect of social media in other countriesSocial media in other countries has also grown with users 55 andolder
  6. 6. Social media has grown larger in 2011Blogs, social network sites, podcasts, video and photo sharingLargest social networks in 2011 I. Facebook (750 million users) II. Twitter (250 million users) III. Linkedin (115 million users) IV. MySpace (50 million users) V. Google Plus (25 million users)
  7. 7. B2B companies that blog generate 67% more business69% B2B companies are generating a budget for social media41% B2B companies have generated customers throughFacebook86% of B2B companies are currently using social media formarketing
  8. 8. Reaching millions worldwideGetting your brand recognizedOpportunities of being noticed through news distributionsOffers the opportunity to respond to consumersAbility to understand consumer opinions and trendsQuick and cost free method of gaining information about newmarketsSocial networking brings visitors to your site
  9. 9. 85% of marketers surveyed declare that social media generated exposureOther benefits are also shown from using social media
  10. 10. Let Word wide Advertising be Northwestern Technologies solution to the social mediatrendWorld Wide Advertising conducts researches in order to provide the best socialmedia exposure for our clientsWorld Wide Advertising has been the source of success for many organizations forover 25 yearsWorld Wide Advertising is a world wide leader for business promotionsWorld Wide Advertising is staffed with professionals that will help meet all theadvertising needs for Northwestern TechnologiesQuestions or comments
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