Election 2012 in Farmington Schools


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As the polls were filling up on Election Day, students in Farmington Area Public Schools were busy learning about elections by having some of their own. Here are two examples of the many activities used by district teachers to improve understanding of the election process for students.

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Election 2012 in Farmington Schools

  1. GENERAL ELECTION DAY November 6, 2012
  2. Voters flocked to the polls on Election Day and North Trail Elementary served as a polling location.
  3. The gym at the school hosted a precinct location for the City of Lakeville. It was a busy place!!
  4. Meanwhile over in the First Grade classroom area the students were having a “mock election” of their own. First they register to vote.
  5. Then it was off to the polls!
  6. They had three voting booths lined up. On the ballot, the President of the United States!
  7. Then it was time to drop the fold the ballot and place it in the ballot box.
  8. The final vote total for North Trail First Grade Precinct 1: Barack Obama 47 Mitt Romney 32
  9. At Boeckmann Middle School classrooms were organized into “States” and students voted to select their President.
  10. Brent Grengs classroom became “Election Central”, and he used the SMARTboard to provide the updates.
  11. Students would deliver the updates as they came in!
  12. Students followed the action on the in-house television system. The cheers could be heard as the results were announced.
  13. Grengs was able to use the interactive features on the SMART board to update the results, complete with a running total.