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Arc 2011 des_2

  1. 1. Text Goes Here<br />Presents…<br />ARC Relationship Coach Training Course<br />Aug 20/21<br /><br />
  2. 2. About Me<br /><br />
  3. 3. Mission Statement<br />The overall aim of the Academy of Relationship coaching Course is to provide the skills to coach single individuals in making good couple relationship choices and also to increase stability, happiness and fulfillment for couples for long lasting loving relationships.<br /><br />
  4. 4. Relationship Wheel<br />_____________<br />_________<br />___________<br />_____________<br />____________<br />____________<br />_________<br />_____________<br />
  5. 5. Who Are Your Clients?<br />Single men<br />Single women<br />Couples<br />Married couples<br />Church goers (very large untouched market)<br />Divorced<br /><br />
  6. 6. EDAMS Model<br /><br />
  7. 7. EDAMS Module<br />E Establish<br />D Decide<br />A Action<br />M Measure<br />S State<br /><br />
  8. 8. Hope v Expect <br />Hope<br />Expect<br /><br />
  9. 9. Edams Module<br />E Establish What is the situation?<br />D Decide Responsibilty? (Wheel)<br />A Action When and What? (Books)<br />M Measure Achievements?<br />S State Hope/Expect/Emotions<br /><br />
  10. 10. Take The Arc Qualification Anywhere In The World With You And Be Recognised!<br /><br />
  11. 11. How Much Can You Earn?<br />Average = <br />£75 / hour<br />Let’s assume you can pull in just 5 working client hours per day... <br /><br />
  12. 12. Set Up Your Own Company<br />Website <br />Leads <br />Products – Cds, DVDs, Seminars, Workshops <br /><ul><li>Interviews, radio, TV, Travel UK & Abroad.
  13. 13. Work on your own
  14. 14. Marketing training day
  15. 15. Benefits</li></ul><br />
  16. 16. What You Will Learn On The Course <br />How men and women cope with stress differently<br />Resolve issues between couples/marriages in a positive way<br />Saving failed marriages/families<br />Helping singles find and attract the right partner<br />Helping singles keep the right partner<br />Guide couples to marriage<br />Provide positive steps to improve communication between couples<br />Understanding how men and women’s brain are different<br />Why men and women react differently<br />Why women want men to listen and not give advice<br /><ul><li>Why men dislike women who want to change them
  17. 17. How men really fall in love
  18. 18. How women really fall in love
  19. 19. How to set up your own dating events/speed dating singles parties etc
  20. 20. How to set up your own dating/relationship workshops and seminars
  21. 21. How to create and sell your own products globally
  22. 22. How to get in magazines, radio stations, TV etc
  23. 23. How to market yourself
  24. 24. How to receive so many clients you cant take anymore
  25. 25. Earn £90,000 Per year and possibly more</li></ul><br />
  26. 26. <ul><li>Why do you think you cant find a good man?
  27. 27. How much effort have you honestly given yourself?
  28. 28. Are you old fashioned?
  29. 29. Would you approach a man?
  30. 30. Do you believe that they are out there?
  31. 31. What changes can you do?</li></ul><br />
  32. 32. Top 10 Reasons Why You May Be Single<br />Unconsciously you don’t want to be in relationship<br />You are looking for a man in all the wrong places<br />Men are not stepping up the plate<br />You have too many insecurities and too much drama<br />Your aura is just wrong- give it away too freely<br />Independence is making you hard to deal with<br />You think that being domestic is subservient<br />You have created an ideal man that only a fairytale prince can live up to<br />You don’t have your stuff together <br />You have too much baggage<br /><br />
  33. 33. What “Issues” Do You Have?<br /><ul><li>What problems have these caused you in the past and do you see this causing you more problems in the future?
  34. 34. What needs to change?
  35. 35. Exercise</li></ul><br />
  36. 36. YOU and YOURSELF<br /><ul><li>Do you LOVE yourself?
  37. 37. How much time do you give yourself?
  38. 38. Do You Know What YOU Want?
  39. 39. What is the number one quality you look for?
  40. 40. Where has this come from?</li></ul><br />
  41. 41. The Top Six Ways To Prepare and Package Yourself For “The One” <br />Ask lots of questions<br />Don’t ignore warning signs of potential problems<br />Be aware of premature compromises <br />Don’t give into lust blindness<br />Be aware of giving in to material seduction <br />Put compatibility before commitment<br /><br />
  42. 42. 1. Ask Lots Of Questions<br /><ul><li>Why don’t we ask more before we fall in love?
  43. 43. Unromantic?
  44. 44. An intelligent way to get to know someone.
  45. 45. Don’t want to hear anything bad.
  46. 46. Lonely, tired, gap is filled
  47. 47. You don’t want to disclose your “stuff” too early</li></ul>Exercise: Which questions are important to you in the early stages of the relationship?<br /><br />
  48. 48. 2. Don’t Ignore Warning Signs Of Potential Problems<br /><ul><li>Reflect on your last relationship. Signs at the start?
  49. 49. Did you pay a lot of attention to these signs?
  50. 50. Chose to ignore these signs?
  51. 51. Minimize its importance, excuses?</li></ul><br />
  52. 52. 3. Be Aware Of Premature Compromises <br /><ul><li>Values, beliefs, hobbies, friends, etc.
  53. 53. Lose sense of self early in the relationship?
  54. 54. Create a false sense of harmony?
  55. 55. Conflict – stand by your beliefs, risk tension.
  56. 56. Conflict – compromise to “keep the peace”.
  57. 57. Exercise: Which premature compromises have you experienced?</li></ul><br />
  58. 58. 4. Give In To Lust Blindness<br /><ul><li>What is “lust blindness”?
  59. 59. In love with the passion and not the person?
  60. 60. Feel your partner with your heart and not your eyes.
  61. 61. Media influence.
  62. 62. Sex - make your partner wait . . .
  63. 63. Would you want to have this person’s children?
  64. 64. Really get to know them first</li></ul>Exercise: Have you ever given in to lust blindness?<br /><br />
  65. 65. 5. Material Seduction<br /><ul><li>Judging by what materialistic things are available.
  66. 66. Money, lifestyle, appearance, power, career, reputation.
  67. 67. Men focus on women’s appearance rather than what she does .
  68. 68. Women focus on what he does, husband material, security.
  69. 69. Focus on YOU, not what someone can bring you.</li></ul>Exercise: Have you experienced material seduction?<br /><br />
  70. 70. 6. Put Compatibility Before Commitment<br /><ul><li>Emotional commitment before you know him / her very well
  71. 71. Sex too early
  72. 72. Living together for the wrong reason and too soon
  73. 73. Feel this is “the one” after just a few weeks
  74. 74. Feelings are much greater when compared to quality time together
  75. 75. You have “changed” and are not aware of this?
  76. 76. You plan the rest of your life with this Partner?</li></ul>Exercise: When have you put compatibility before commitment?<br /><br />
  77. 77. How To Coach Single Men<br /><br />
  78. 78. How To Coach Single Women<br /><br />
  79. 79. How To Coach Couples in Problems<br /><br />
  80. 80. How To Coach Married Couples in Problems<br /><br />
  81. 81. How To Coach Divorcees<br /><br />
  82. 82. ARC's FREE Resources Website<br />Marketing<br />Coaching<br />Relationship Coaching<br />Videos<br />Articles<br /><ul><li>Tests
  83. 83. Modules
  84. 84. Network
  85. 85. Training Updates</li></ul><br />
  86. 86. ARC's Tools<br />Marketing<br />Photograph<br />Website<br />Social Media Support<br />Facebook Fan Page<br />Admin Assistant<br />London Chamber of Commerce<br /><ul><li>October 22
  87. 87. Pop UP Banner Stand
  88. 88. Business Cards
  89. 89. Flyers
  90. 90. Networking Events
  91. 91. UK Tour
  92. 92. Train Coachees
  93. 93. Dating Events</li></ul><br />
  94. 94. What Is Your Chosen Niche Area?<br />Single Men<br />Single Women<br />Couples<br />Divorcees<br />Married Couples<br /><br />
  95. 95. You Will Now Be Perceived As A Relationship Expert<br /><br />
  96. 96. Congratulations!!!!<br />ARC Diploma in Relationship Coaching<br /><br />
  97. 97. ARCs Tools And Models<br />Marriage Wheel<br />Divorce Wheel<br />Couples Wheel<br />Divorcee Wheel<br />Singles Wheel<br />Edams Model<br />SMERTIE<br /><br />
  98. 98. Secret 1: Looking For Men In The Wrong Places <br /><ul><li>Identify what type of man you require in your life.
  99. 99. Where is this type of man likely to hang out?
  100. 100. Business man – clubs
  101. 101. Fit / healthy man - gym
  102. 102. Party man – networking / business
  103. 103. List the last 5 places you went and consider if there are other places you can go. </li></ul><br />
  104. 104. Secret 2: Listening To Negative Female Friends And Allowing Them To Influence You<br /><ul><li>Find friends who tell you the truth, regardless. Don’t cultivate friends who always tell you what you want to hear.
  105. 105. Take advice from those who are living the life you want to live.</li></ul><br />
  106. 106. Secret 3: You’re Surrounded By Girlfriends Who Are Single Or Not In Serious Relationships<br /><ul><li>If any of your girlfriends have issues or are angry about relationships, are they the best person to have around?
  107. 107. Why do you confide in her?
  108. 108. What wouldn’t YOU do that SHE has done in the past?</li></ul><br />
  109. 109. Secret 4: Men Do Not Approach You Because Of The Vibe You Send Out<br /><ul><li>What vibe DO you send out? Share with someone your first impressions
  110. 110. Ask friends and family to be frank and communicate what vibe/energy you send out when you enter the room
  111. 111. Law of Attraction</li></ul><br />
  112. 112. Secret 5: Be Aware That There Is More Competition Out There And Realise That Its Not All About You<br /><ul><li>Who are your competitors?
  113. 113. Are they dating the men you want?
  114. 114. How are they attracting these men?</li></ul><br />
  115. 115. Secret 6: You Need To Be Confident That The “Right” Man For You Does Exist<br /><ul><li>Do you truly believe he is out there?
  116. 116. When you think about finding him, what goes through your mind?
  117. 117. You must think positively, especially when doubt creeps in or you find someone that interests you.
  118. 118.  </li></ul><br />
  119. 119. Secret 7: Unrealistic Expectations<br /><ul><li>List your top 3 things that you must have from your next relationship and these things are so important to you
  120. 120. Where have these preferences come from? Are they perhaps associated with your ex partners, family or your past.
  121. 121. Can these preferences be amended to increase your chances?</li></ul> <br /><br />
  122. 122. Secret 8: Personal Development<br /><ul><li>What personal development have you undertaken over the last 12 months?
  123. 123. Have you attended a workshop, seminar or class that spurred you to immediate action.
  124. 124. What development products do you have?
  125. 125. Have you joined any communication groups, eg on-line newsletters etc?
  126. 126. Do you surround yourself with like-minded, positive people?</li></ul> <br /><br />
  127. 127. Secret 9: Do You Love Yourself?<br /><ul><li>How much YOU time do you devote to YOU?
  128. 128. Do you understand YOU?
  129. 129. How would you describe YOU
  130. 130. When you look in the mirror, what do you see?
  131. 131. What do you think about yourself?</li></ul> <br /><br />
  132. 132. Secret 10: Issues<br /><ul><li>We all have “stuff”, “issues” and “baggage” to work on and need to “let go”. What issues do YOU have?
  133. 133. Has there been a pattern to your past relationships?
  134. 134. What complaints did your exes have about you?
  135. 135. Choose the top one and make a decision to work on this.</li></ul> <br /><br />
  136. 136. Secret 11: Getting Noticed<br /><ul><li>Avoid going out with large groups of girlfriends – men feel intimidated by a large group of women and fear public rejection
  137. 137. Make sure you are clearly visible. No one will see you hidden away. You are more likely to be approached if you position yourself at or near the bar, the cloakrooms etc where men will be passing by frequently. </li></ul><br />
  138. 138. Secret 12: Discreetly Interview / Screen Him<br />List the…<br /><ul><li>Top 5 things you want to know about him
  139. 139. Why the answers are important to you
  140. 140. What history has prompted these questions
  141. 141. What YOU have to do to attract this type of man.</li></ul><br />
  142. 142. Secret 13: Positive Thoughts/Affirmations<br /><ul><li>If you have any negative thoughts, teach yourself to automatically switch to positive ones
  143. 143. Practice this until it becomes second nature.
  144. 144. Devote just five minutes of your time to this mental exercise before you go to bed and again when you wake up. </li></ul><br />
  145. 145. Secret 14: Why Do We Choose The Wrong Partner?<br /><ul><li>Unaware of your levels of compatibility
  146. 146. Unaware of each other’s core values
  147. 147. Emotional state when you met
  148. 148. Unaware or missing the early “signs” that indicate relationship success or failure</li></ul><br />
  149. 149. Secret 15: Adaptability<br /><ul><li>Are you set in your ways and not willing or able to be flexible and to compromise?
  150. 150. Would YOU date you?
  151. 151. What things are so important to you that you are not prepared to be flexible and change?
  152. 152. Do you know where this inflexibility has come from and is this attitude holding you back?
  153. 153. If you could compromise, what opportunities would it create for you?</li></ul><br />
  154. 154. Secret 16: Men !<br /><ul><li>Expand you circle of male friends. Just men – not potential partners.
  155. 155. Meet up with them and their male friends on a regular basis
  156. 156. Listen to their conversations and watch them look at other women.
  157. 157. What advantages do you think this would give you?</li></ul><br />
  158. 158. Secret 17: Right Place<br /><ul><li>List the top five places men have a reason to go and to hang out (eg. men’s shops, sport events, etc)
  159. 159. Plan beforehand – why are you there?
  160. 160. Educate yourself about sport – men love this!</li></ul><br />
  161. 161. Secret 18: ME Time<br /><ul><li>Be grateful every day and give yourself “Me” time at least once week.
  162. 162. Allocate an hour that is just for YOU and make appropriate arrangements so that you can always achieve this.
  163. 163. Turn off all forms of communication - this is YOUR time.
  164. 164. Perhaps a candlelit bath, your favourite sensual music?</li></ul><br />
  165. 165. Secret 18: More ME Time<br /><ul><li>Chill and relax and focus on how you want your life to be.
  166. 166. Read books that are important and empowering to you.
  167. 167. What is the first thing you are going to do to achieve your goal? Write it down.
  168. 168. Be grateful for all the good things around you before you go to bed.</li></ul><br />
  169. 169. Secret 19: Stress<br /><ul><li>Assess how he copes when he is stressed with his job, his life in general, in his interactions with family, friends, children, officialdom etc.
  170. 170. How do YOU cope with stress?
  171. 171. What is it like when you are BOTH stressed?
  172. 172. Do you understand how differently men and women cope with stress?</li></ul><br />
  173. 173. Secret 20: Getting To Know You<br /><ul><li>Ask at least five truthful men what positive and negative traits you have.
  174. 174. Be prepared to be shocked or upset.
  175. 175. Even though their replies are about you, don’t take it “personally”
  176. 176. Learn from their comments and be honest with yourself</li></ul><br />
  177. 177. Secret 21: Questions<br />Ask the right questions in the early stages:<br /><ul><li>What are his goals for the coming year, the next three years’ the next five years?
  178. 178. How does he feel about having a family, marriage, 100% commitment?
  179. 179. What are the warning signs?
  180. 180. If you know from the start, you can take the appropriate path through your relationship.</li></ul><br />
  181. 181. Secret 22: What Do You Want?<br />Decide on exactly what you want<br /><ul><li>Write down all you want from your next relationship.
  182. 182. Have you devoted 100% of your effort on finding him? If not, why not?
  183. 183. Could you do more? </li></ul><br />
  184. 184. Secret 23: The Past<br /><ul><li>Reflect on your past relationships. Do you know how your exes are feeling about breaking up with you?
  185. 185. How do you feel about the breakups?
  186. 186. Is it all about you?
  187. 187. What have you learned about you and men so far?
  188. 188. What are going to do differently from now on?</li></ul><br />
  189. 189. Secret 24: Warning Signs<br /><ul><li>Signs are always there but we CHOOSE not to see them.
  190. 190. You minimise their importance
  191. 191. You don’t want to damage what’s good
  192. 192. You don’t want to be alone AGAIN, especially when you are tired of searching</li></ul><br />
  193. 193. Secret 25: Are You Happy?<br /><ul><li>Write down the first thing that came to your mind when you read this question
  194. 194. Do you know why this was the first thing?
  195. 195. Write down another 30 things that make you happy?
  196. 196. Write down one thing you are going to do to work towards your happiness</li></ul><br />
  197. 197. Coaching Skills<br /><br />
  198. 198. Selling Skills<br /><br />
  199. 199. Managing Positive Reactions To Changes<br /><br />
  200. 200. Managing Negative Reactions To Changes<br /><br />
  201. 201. Confront<br /><br />
  202. 202. Persuasive Presentation Skills<br /><br />
  203. 203. 7 Step Model Of Change<br /><br />
  204. 204. 20 Solution Focus Techniques<br /><br />
  205. 205. 50 Solution Focused Quotes<br /><br />
  206. 206. Solution Focused Scaling Questions<br /><br />
  207. 207. Positive Solutions Clip<br /><br />
  208. 208. Positive Inspiring Clip For Your Clients<br /><br />
  209. 209. Man’s Sex Drive<br /><br />
  210. 210. Points System<br /><br />
  211. 211. Men’s Ideas – What Women Shouldn’t Do<br /><br />
  212. 212. What Makes Women Attractive To Men (Mark Gungar)?<br /><br />
  213. 213. 6 Things Men Find Unattractive In A Woman<br /><br />
  214. 214. Coach Training With Tony Robbins<br /><br />
  215. 215. Questions?<br />?<br /><br />
  216. 216. Text Goes Here<br /><br />