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Revitalize Your Career And Job Search


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Revitalize Your Career And Job Search

  1. 1. Revitalizing Your Career and Job Search Mara Marrero, Image and Nutrition Consultant at Katarina Holm-DiDio Career and Job Search Coach at
  2. 2. Why are we here tonight?  To discuss career transitions and job search  To be inspired and to inspire  To learn about Image and Branding  To explore the career transition process
  3. 3. Know Yourself! "Talents are common, everyone has them - but rare is the courage to follow our talents where they lead."   - Anon  Assess your transferable skills, areas of expertise, interests, hobbies, VALUES!  Listen to your intuition!  List your achievements and jobs held that you truly enjoyed
  4. 4.  We have to leave our comfort zone  There is a fear of the Unknown  Worries about the future  We feel we are not in control  Unrealistic goals Simple steps to drive by these blocks:  To move on we first have to leave the past behind!  We must allow ourselves enough time to process, plan and prepare  Now is no time for impulsivity, save your creative energy for career exploration  Be persistent, do not give up! Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” - John F. Kennedy Are there Roadblocks?
  5. 5. 4 Rules to Networking to help build long lasting relationships  Mutualism- creating a win/win situation  Giving - value before receiving anything in return  Targeting- specific groups or companies  Reconnecting- with people and never losing touch
  6. 6. How to use Social Networking sites  Define your objectives  Create an award winning web or blog  Locate hiring managers in online communities  Build relationships
  7. 7. Personal Branding  Personal Branding is about getting yourself out there whether on the web or in person and talking about your passion over and over again.  It differentiates you from your peers and helps position yourself in the field as a specialist and an authority who knows how to do the job and fill a particular niche in the workplace better than anyone else.
  8. 8. How to identify and develop your own image  Once you have established your personal branding which is what your passion or expertise is that you want to pursue then it's developing your image to suit your particular brand.  Studies show that people base their first impression of you within 30 seconds
  9. 9. What People Pay Attention to  What they see 55%  How you speak 38%  What you say 7%
  10. 10. Transitioning from one job to another  If possible, do not leave your current job before you have done proper exploration and research!  Experience shows it is easier to access professional networks and groups once you still have a job.  Manage your time well. Take care of your health and wellbeing!  Prepare, prepare, prepare!
  11. 11. Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.“ - Confucius  Allow others to help you – give them a chance to help you!  Brainstorm careers/jobs/industries/organizations you find interesting  Explore career paths and jobs: research, research, research!  Create your job search strategy  Fine tune your application materials and interview skills
  12. 12. I'm doing everything I can to sabotage my career. It's a little thing called fear of success". - Jon Stewart  Draft your overall goals  Set a timeline and follow it. Remember to include joy, family and friends too!  Talk to people, connect to people, interact with people!  Ask others about you!  Believe in yourself and take care of yourself!
  13. 13. "What then is the right way to live? Life should be lived as play." - Plato