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  1. 1. Internal OFC’s Market 49% has been set aside for members and individual investors. The OFC’s Market is affected by: • New members joining Unaico • Commissions paid • I-Investor Club profit • Turnover (profit) generated through Members purchases of all products and services available on our website. Aiming to have on public stockmarket at 2012! If every member has a value of 25€ and we have 100 million free members in 2012, what will the value of your shares be?© Unaico 2010. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Sl No. Name Year Amount Percent 01. PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel 2004-2005 40.2 Million 7% In 2006 total value reached to 1 billion which estimated preferred revenue value is 8 billion in 2015 In September 2007, Microsoft offered facebook to have 5% share by 400-500million USD. 02 Microsoft Oct 2007 246 million 1.6% 03. Li Ka Shing Nov 2007 60 million undisclos ed Aug 2008 total venture capital value reached to 5 billion USD and in June 2010 total valuation reached 12 billion 04. Divvyshot April 2, 2010 Undisclosed undisclos amount ed 05. Unknown 2011 200 million undisclos edNow overall company’s value is near about 70 billion USD. 750 million active user and each value is89 USD. Still Mark Zukerburge doesn’t think about IPO of facebook very soon. Every Investmentafter IPO will be 50 times profitable.
  3. 3. IPO SHARE Primary share IPO share is the first stepIPO SHARE of this share Secondary share
  4. 4. € 1,250X100TK=1,25,000TK GOLD PACKAGE 1,25,000X10= 12,500 share QTYSplit Split Split Split