Seth Elliott (IT Spring 2013)


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Доклад: “Building a Deck and Pitching Your Startup to Growth Investors”

В течение доклада будут затронуты такие вопросы, как:

Что в первую очередь важно для инвестора;
С какими проблемами могут столкнуться стартапы;
Как заранее предотвратить эти проблемы:
Какие возможности предлагает рынок;
Как успешно конкурировать на рынке;
Как научиться принимать эффективные решения.
В ходе презентации докладчик поделится своим многолетним опытом, даст много полезных практических советов и предложит успешные стратегии ведения бизнеса.

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Seth Elliott (IT Spring 2013)

  1. 1. Investor Pitch DeckWhat are you trying to ACHIEVE? Phone: 305.555.5555
  2. 2. Investor Pitch DeckOur Team Start with the TEAM Phone: 305.555.5555
  3. 3. Investor Pitch DeckOur Team What Does an Investor CARE About? Phone: 305.555.5555
  4. 4. Investor Pitch Deck Our Team Rick Marini Neel Palrecha Founder Founder• Serial Entreprenuer • 10 years as a• Founder/CEO - Developer SuperFan • CTO/VP Engineering• CFO/Strategist – - Peekok Tickle • Sr Dir. Engineering – ($100mm exit) QuickPlay Media • Sr Deployment Eng. – MobiTV
  5. 5. Investor Pitch DeckOur Team Seth Elliott Founder • Chief Strategy Officer – EMT • Vice President – FastCall • MBA – NYU Stern
  6. 6. Investor Pitch DeckOur Team Seth Elliott Founder• 15 yrs as Founder, Executive or Board Member to Startups• Chief Strategy Officer, EMT - Recruited by investors to serve as ‘Executive Officer delivering a mobile activation platform.• Vice President Business Development, Fastcall – Refine go-to- market strategy and develop alliances for 500 Startups backed enterprise.
  7. 7. Investor Pitch DeckOur Team ADD YOUR LINKEDIN URL
  8. 8. Investor Pitch DeckProblem WHAT’S YOUR #$%K*&G PROBLEM??
  9. 9. Investor Pitch DeckProblem “Paying for things on-line is Scary and Difficult.” ~ PayPal
  10. 10. Investor Pitch DeckProblem “Task Management takes too much time + Everyone has unique workflow.” ~
  11. 11. Investor Pitch DeckProblem “Market Research is Broken – costly and ineffective” ~ Newlio
  12. 12. Investor Pitch DeckProblem Desire vs. Pain (Wants vs. Needs)
  13. 13. Investor Pitch DeckProblem vs .
  14. 14. Investor Pitch DeckProblem vs . Methamphetamine Acetaminophen
  15. 15. Investor Pitch DeckProblem vs . Facebook PayPal Twitter Google World of Warcraft
  16. 16. Investor Pitch DeckMarket Opportunity WHO CARES ABOUT YOUR #$%K*&G PROBLEM??
  17. 17. Investor Pitch DeckMarket Opportunity• Size of Market in $ - $1BN + Ideal• Consumer / User / Customer #’s• Major Market Trends• Instill multi-billion $ mindset• Address T.A.M. • Amount of $ you could generate if you captured EVERY potential customer
  18. 18. Investor Pitch DeckMarket Opportunity• $10 billion spent annually on hair-on- fire suppression products• Target Customer – small business that generates $100k - $40mm annual sales• 4,685,049 such customers exist – average current spend is $30/month• TAM = $1.6 Billion annually
  19. 19. Investor Pitch DeckMarket Opportunity • T.A.M $1.6 billion annually • 4,685,049 prospects, $30/month • Target market growing 20% annually AND growing as % of total market2,5 100% 90% 2 80% 70%1,5 60% Prevention 50% Total Revs 1 Spend 40% SMB Revs 30%0,5 20% 10% 0 0% 2008 2009 2010 2011 2008 2009 2010 2011
  20. 20. Investor Pitch DeckSolutionTo address this need in the marketplace,we we created this super awesome MobileApp / Web Portal / Car+Submarine / MagicCarpet / Matter Teleportation Device
  21. 21. Investor Pitch DeckSolution SHOW ME!
  22. 22. Investor Pitch DeckSolution SHOW ME!
  23. 23. Investor Pitch DeckSolution DEMO or SCREEN SHOTS
  24. 24. Investor Pitch DeckSolution Less Than 5 Minutes (if you need more your product likely sucks)
  25. 25. Investor Pitch DeckSolution 1 Driver + 1 Navigator
  26. 26. Investor Pitch DeckSolution Key Feature / Benefit Sets (Not Every Detail)
  27. 27. Investor Pitch DeckSolution Tantalize (Provoke & Intrigue)
  28. 28. Investor Pitch DeckSolution Focus on the Present (What Do You Have TODAY?)
  29. 29. Investor Pitch DeckSolution We Are ActiveOne great feature We are tagging thisis you can tag your video with “Cutevideo and embed it Cats” and now weon your blog are on and embedding it and BANG – finished that simply.
  30. 30. Investor Pitch DeckSolution Live Demo Screen Shots Video
  31. 31. Investor Pitch DeckSolution Practice! Practice! Practice! Practice! Practice! Practice! Practice! Practice! Practice! Practice! Practice! Practice! Practice! Practice! Practice!
  32. 32. Investor Pitch DeckTraction Traction = Momentum
  33. 33. Investor Pitch DeckTraction Tighten Your X
  34. 34. Investor Pitch DeckTraction Tighten Your X We formed the company in October and now have 4,500 users. vs. We started evaluating the space at the start of 2010. In October, we quit our jobs to build the product and we launched a closed beta. We opened the beta in June and now have 4,500 users.
  35. 35. Investor Pitch DeckTraction Choose Your Axis Conversions3% average vs. 0.25%, 1%, 1.5%, 3% Activations Doubling vs. Doubling every every Cycle 3 months
  36. 36. Investor Pitch DeckTraction Priority1. Profitability2. Revenues3. Engaged Users4. Registrations5. Key Business Development Partnerships6. Traffic Press is NOT traction Testimonials are NOT traction
  37. 37. Investor Pitch DeckUser AcquisitionStrategy (Distribution)• Current User (Customer) Acquisition Channels • Scalability of Channels?• Future Channel Plans • Why? • Scalability?• Data is King – Measured is Managed
  38. 38. Investor Pitch DeckUser AcquisitionStrategy (Distribution) Focus on Customer Acquisition Costs + = $5.99 $10.99 $16.98 / per user (not really, but you get the point)
  39. 39. Investor Pitch DeckUser AcquisitionStrategy (Distribution) Viral Adoption Viral ≠ Word of Mouth
  40. 40. Investor Pitch DeckUser AcquisitionStrategy (Distribution) Viral Coefficient K = i * conversion % K > 1= Viral
  41. 41. Investor Pitch DeckBusiness Model How Will You Generate $?
  42. 42. Investor Pitch DeckBusiness Model Transactional vs. Recurring?Asset Sales SubscriptionUsage Fees BrokerageLending/Rentin AdvertisinggLicensing
  43. 43. Investor Pitch DeckBusiness Model Pricing Mechanisms Fixed Menu Pricing Dynamic PricingList Price Fixed Prices for individual Negotiation Price is determined by offerings direct bargainingProduct/Fe Price depends on number Yield Price depends onature or quality of features / Manageme inventory and time of benefits nt purchaseCustomer Price depends on the Real-Time Price is establishedSegment specific characteristics of Market dynamically based on a Customer Segment supply & demandVolume Price is a function of Auctions Price is determined by quantity purchased competitive bidding
  44. 44. Investor Pitch DeckCompetition There are ALWAYS competitors
  45. 45. Investor Pitch DeckCompetition The Check Chart STARTUP COMP1 COMP2 COMP3 COMP4 User Ratings Y Y Y N Y Mobile App Y N Y N N Profile Y N N N Y Matching Social Y Y N Y N Sharing
  46. 46. Investor Pitch DeckCompetition The Two x Two
  47. 47. Investor Pitch DeckCompetition Why Do These Issues Matter? What Have You Done to Confirm and Validate That?
  48. 48. Investor Pitch DeckFinancial Overview How Much You Need Why What Structure Previous investments Previous investors Committed To Round
  49. 49. Investor Pitch DeckFinancial OverviewDo I Present Financial Projections?
  50. 50. Investor Pitch DeckWhat Has Potential Investor Learned?
  51. 51. Investor Pitch Deck What Has Potential Investor• Learned? You Have a Killer Team• That Has Identified a Pain (or Desire) Point• In a VERY Large Market• And Have Developed a Fantastic Solution• That Is Already Gaining Substantive Traction• With an Exciting & Sustainable Distribution Plan• Which Will Generate Significant Revenues• Is Superior to the Competition• And Already Has Interested Funders