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Age-Friendly Supermarket. A case study


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A world where a significant number – sometimes the majority – of people are ‘old’ and exhibiting the results of ageing is something nobody has experienced. This is our future.

Products, services, buildings, cities, digital applications are designed for the young by the young. This worked well when the designers and users were the same age. Not any more.

Being AF demands we see start seeing the world for what it is (ageing) rather than through the youth-centric eyes of our designers, marketers and policy makers.

This case study is based on a visit to Daiei supermarket in a suburb of Tokyo and shows some innovations that respond to the needs of their ageing customers.

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Age-Friendly Supermarket. A case study

  1. 1. CASE STUDY .. How Age-Friendly is © Silver Group
  2. 2. How Age-Friendly is Daiei? Aeon, one of Japan’s leading supermarket retailers has responded to the needs of its ageing shoppers by making changes to become a more Age-Friendly shopping experience. In 2012, Aeon announced that stores remodeled for older customers grew sales by 25% compared with the previous year. Aeon is working hard to pull urbanites and seniors into stores it used to try to fill with young consumers and families. Silver visited the Daiei (part of the Aeon Group) supermarket store in Akabane, an outer suburb of Tokyo to evaluate the changes using the AF Tool. The following is an excerpt of findings from a more rigorous audit of Age-Friendliness © Silver Group
  3. 3. Entrance © Silver Group Wide unobstructed entrance Bright, tactile paving strip (for the blind) also a ‘yellow-brick road’ to the door score = 4.5
  4. 4. Shopping trolley © Silver Group Designed like a walker to provide stability and leverage Basket is removable and shallow. No need to bend. Two kinds of trolleys cover all ages/needs score = 5
  5. 5. Signage © Silver Group Large, high contrast type Positioned to avoid glare from ceiling lights score = 5
  6. 6. Shelves & labels © Silver Group Relevant products placed at eye-level Oversized shelf labels score = 4.5 Large category callouts
  7. 7. Products © Silver Group Low calorie alternatives score = 4.5
  8. 8. Packs & portions © Silver Group Small portion prepared meals for singles score = 4.5
  9. 9. Comfort © Silver Group Spacious rest areas throughout score = 4.5
  10. 10. Restrooms © Silver Group Clear signage Rails for old and young score = 5
  11. 11. Accessibility © Silver Group Help intercon at entrance Oversized display in elevator. Positioned for all to reach. Bright guide marks on escalator steps score = 5
  12. 12. Merchandise © Silver Group score = 5 Hearing testing and aid sales
  13. 13. Checkout © Silver Group Oversized, simple, clear price display Helpers on hand score = 5
  14. 14. Other As part of the AF Audit, we also measured and evaluated: Temperature Ambience (visual/audio) Illumination Sales Staff © Silver Group
  15. 15. About the AF Audit The AF Audit Tool measures hundreds of touchpoints across the five major customer experiences. 300+ customer touch-points Learn more about the AF Audit here: © Silver Group
  16. 16. The AF app guides our audit For the accurate, comprehensive and secure evaluations Question about the touchpoint Detailed guidance to our audit 1~5 scoring system Our comments add context to the scores Photos reference used in the final report We can record sound to illustrate noise © Silver Group
  17. 17. The ultimate goal If executed correctly is should: Be discrete Have no negative affect on younger consumers – more likely positive spill-over Incur minimal cost if implemented to a plan, over time © Silver Group To increase revenue by improving the customer experience for older shoppers IF YOU MARKET TO THE YOUNG, YOU’LL EXCLUDE THE OLD IF YOU MARKET TO THE OLD, YOU’LL INCLUDE EVERYONE
  18. 18. Contact: Email: Silver Web: Blog: Twitter: @SilverGroup © Silver Group