The path of champions


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The path of champions

  1. 1. The Path Of ChampionsPresenter:Muhammad Shoaib Khan 7645IQRA UNIVERSITY (DEFENCE CAMPUS)KARACHI, PAKISTAN
  2. 2. The Path Of The ChampionsContents:1-A True Champion2-The Attributes Of A Champion3-Breaking Point4-A Champion Never Gives Up5-Conclusion
  3. 3. A True Champion• Champions arent engineered. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them• a desire• a dream• a vision
  4. 4. A True ChampionDesire:As long as one have adesire, he have areason for living.Satisfaction is death.So stay thirsty!•Mr. Jinnah•Bill Gates•Sachin Tendulkar
  5. 5. A True ChampionDream:Success is a state of mind.If you want success , startthinking of yourself as asuccess.Keep dreaming!
  6. 6. A True Champion VisionWhat one canachieve islimited only byhow far he cansee.Broaden yourvision!
  7. 7. A True ChampionOnly he who can seethe invisible, can do theimpossible.A true champion is aperson who takes alittle more than hisshare of blame andlittle less than his shareof the credit.
  8. 8. Attributes of a championOptimistic• Sees the positive side of picture• Loves everything around him• Importantly he loves himself.
  9. 9. Attributes of a champion•Instrumental team player
  10. 10. Attributes of a championFocused•He is clear about his aim.•Aims for the big.•Loves what he does.•Takes the leap when required.
  11. 11. Attributes of a championConsistent• Prepares for his goal day in & day out.• Consistent in his attitude even with the people around him.
  12. 12. Attributes of a championSelf Disciplined• Chief of his own life.• Has control on his emotions.• Accepts failures.• Respects the challengers.
  13. 13. Breaking Point•There comes time when itlooks all our efforts are notprevailing.• Every thing we do to makethings right, back fires at us.
  14. 14. Breaking Point• Winds are against us.• As if whole world is against us. •We find ourselves at cross roads, whether to continue or change our destiny.
  15. 15. Breaking Point•We back away from thechallenges.•Some of us hide behind becausewe can’t face the adversity.•This is where we are left behindfrom champions.•This is our breaking point.
  16. 16. Breaking Point•It is said that majority of people abandon theirdreams just when they are close to have them.
  17. 17. Breaking PointImpossible is not fact.It’s an opinion.Impossible is not declaration .It’s a dare.Impossible is potential.Impossible is temporary.Impossible is nothing.
  18. 18. A Champion Never Gives Up•He refuse to remainfallen.•Refuses to quit.•Refuses to back away.•Refuses to accept a NOfrom life.
  19. 19. A Champion Never Gives Up• Prefers outstanding failure over mediocre success.• They call it a Challenge.• They bounce back even harder.
  20. 20. A Champion Never Gives Up• He reverts back to plan B.• Revises the strategy.• Regains the momentum.
  21. 21. A Champion Never Gives Up•Emerges from behind.•Hits the bulls eye.•Reaches the top.
  22. 22. Conclusion
  23. 23. Conclusion• Don’t live with a rented goal.• Identify individual talent.• Lasting 5 minutes more.
  24. 24. Conclusion•Have faith in God.•Have faith in yourself.•Reach the spotlight.•Everyone is a champion.
  25. 25. The Message ( Video)