Formation of the Empowerment Atom


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Formation of the Empowerment Atom

  1. 1. The Formation of The Empowerment Atom
  2. 2. The Atom is the foundation of life.
  3. 3. The Empowerment Atom is the delivery metaphor carrying all the major components of Personal and Team Empowerment. A success process that has been proven time and time again to generate ideas, progress and achievement.
  4. 4. The Power and Energy theme is to help capture and connect one set of steps and ideas to another, giving a tangible image to work with. How much you identify with the functionality of atoms, has no bearing on your ability to effectively understand and implement The Empowerment System.
  5. 5. There are only Seven Energy Fields The Empowerment Atom, so it doesn’t take long before the entire system is Natural and Automatic. As you implement each field, you will continually gain confidence in the process and in your ability to proactively make positive changes, both personally and professionally.
  6. 6. The Empowerment System is comprehensive but not complex. Our lives are what is complex. Achieveopedia is designed to breakthrough the barriers of complexity, that make it difficult to advance to the next level of personal or team achievement.
  7. 7. The Empowerment Atom Energy Fields embrace the fundamentals of life direction, creativity and effectiveness. Individually and in combination of one another, they construct the ability to make good things happen.
  8. 8. That Energy Source of the Empowerment Atom is YOU You ignite the Forces of the Atom. You supply the Power Source of…
  9. 9. Collective Intelligence Your lifetime of Knowledge with your current Wants and Expectations
  10. 10.  Lifestyle & Finances  Fun & Enjoyment  Safety & Security  Love & Friendship  Purpose & Mission  Legacy & Influence  Personal Fulfillment
  11. 11.  Life Events  Formal Education  Training Information  Missteps & Setbacks  Personal Observations  Environmental Programming
  12. 12.  Hopes and Dreams  Fears and Anxieties  Discovery and Adventure  Pride and Self-Importance  Faith and Beliefs &  Perspectives and Attitudes
  13. 13.  Imagination and Creativity  Intuition and Assessment  Ability to Research  Apply Logic  Natural Talents  Power of Choice &  Positive Self-Image
  14. 14. The Energy and Enthusiasm that is ignited when you merge your Power Sources together creates “SPARKS” Which are the written words of your thoughts and ideas.
  15. 15. Sequential Planning Anchoring Robust Knowledge & Solutions Sparks is the acronym for …
  16. 16. Sparks generate the ignition of Positive Transition…
  17. 17. Thoughts and Ideas, “Sparks” need to find order. For this reason, thoughts are structured into organized Fill-in-the-Blank Strategic Worksheets referred to as “Amps” . Amps are organized plans of ideas, action steps and perspectives.
  18. 18. Amps enables us to relate and connect vital information. You are better able to make essential decisions concerning the most important aspects of your project, your mission or your life.
  19. 19. Amps eliminate the confusion and the complexity of where to start…what to do… and how to make the appropriate adjustments to reach the results you’re looking for. They help you evaluate your needs and actions against present situations and outcomes.
  20. 20. You are sorting fact from fiction, sorting what's happening now, and what needs to happen to achieve the success you’re aiming for.
  21. 21. Amps are grouped together into separate distinct functions identified as Energy Fields
  22. 22. On the left side of the Atom are the Design Energy Fields Organize Wants + Needs
  23. 23. On the right side of the Atom are the Action Energy Fields Transform Yourself and Results
  24. 24. Measurement Inspires Growth and Advances Progress The Center Energy Field creates Measurement
  25. 25. that help Generate Thoughts, Ideas and Actions Accountability Drives Achievement It’s all Supported by Power Circuits
  26. 26. The more you understand and implement each of the Energy Fields, the more effective you become. Combination > Energy Fields > Combustion > Power
  27. 27. It is an intergraded moving system. You learn how to create growth, develop positive change, manage progress and continuously improve your results.
  28. 28. As you grow into using the system, the more momentum you create to advance you forward in the achievement of your current objectives and in alignment with your ultimate intentions.
  29. 29. Some people are so busy being busy that they never fine-tune or progressively track themselves, their efforts or their consequences. By using The Empowerment Atom and it’s Energy Fields, we can operate smarter rather than repeat behaviors that only generate mediocrity.
  30. 30. It is an intergraded moving system. You learn how to create growth, develop positive change, manage progress and continuously improve your results.
  31. 31. The Empowerment Atom generates The Focused Power to Succeed!
  32. 32. Power on my friend!