Long term complications due to the diabetes


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This PPT Describes the long term complication due to the Diabetes.

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Long term complications due to the diabetes

  1. 1. The condition of diabetes, defines when the glucose level increases in the blood. High glucose level in blood effects body organs if the problem continued for a long time, this can damage or disturbance occurs results in the working of other body organ will not be in the normal way.
  2. 2. Main effects of Diabetes  Eye Complications  Skin Complications,  Ulcer  Neuropathy  Kidney Diseases  Blood Pressure Problems  Gastroparesis  HHNS (Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemic Nonketotic Syndrome)  Strokes  Dental Problems  Heart Problems  Digestion Problems,  Poor wound Healing Problems
  3. 3. Eye complication s The problem starts when the vision gets blurry in the initial stage, and unable to read and see properly, which sometimes results in blindness or some other eye disease. Eye diseases with diabetes: Retinopathy Cataract Glaucoma
  4. 4. Retinopathy  The Changes and damages of blood vessels in the retina defined the stage that causes Retinopathy
  5. 5. Cataract The dim, clouding effects on eyes lens which make the vision unclear.
  6. 6. Glaucoma  The fluid rise, inside the eyes, results in damaging of optic nerves, which can lead to failure of vision.  The proper check-up of eyes and trying to control blood sugar level might help in end the risk of these eye diseases.
  7. 7. Skin Complications  If someone suffering from diabetes, that person should be conscious about skin also, as it affects on skin and skin problems can arise. Scleroderma diabeticorum  Mostly occur in type 2 diabetes, skin gets harden on the back side of neck with the upper back side. The main precaution is to control blood sugar level, for the time being creams and moistures can improve skin condition.
  8. 8. Vitiligo  It is more seen in type 1 diabetes then to type 2 diabetic patients, vitiligo one of the substance creates pigment that have the skill to manage skin color are damaged so the problems arise with skin coloration. The skin patches mainly formed on the chest and abdomen, and might be seen at the face mouth, nostrils, and eyes.  Some of the treatment includes topical steroids and micro pigmentation, and sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher should be used.
  9. 9. Ulcer  Usually seem on the surface of the foot, over the heels, and over the metatarsal heads, the skin generally become moisture less, dull with cracks harden and warm but lumps not seen  Feeling of ache, sensation not felt by the patient in ulcer  Regular check up of foot and control in glucose level with proper care of foot necessity steps may demolished the risk of ulcer in diabetes.
  10. 10. Neuropathy  In neuropathy, person not able to experience, the sensation of pain because of Breakage of nerves
  11. 11. Kidney Diseases  One of the complications in diabetes is of kidney problems and in some cases kidney failure also seen. Treatment is necessary to put a stop to kidney problems and other health problems like heart attack, strokes and other related disease with diabetes.  Diabetic nephropathy, one of the kidney problems in diabetes, where the filters spoiled and damaged which results in leakage of protein from the blood in urine, this protein known as albumin, and the abnormal leakage of albumin, like warning of kidney damage started.
  12. 12. Diseases formed through the nonstandard outflow of albumin are the following: Microalbuminuria/ incipient nephropathy  Number of albumin per day 30 to 300mg, flow of albumin in the urine Proteinuria/ macroalbuminuria or overt nephropathy  More than 300 mg
  13. 13. Blood Pressure Problems  One of the common and general problems with diabetes is the problem of blood pressure and now days very usual.  The Heaviness or pressure of blood runs inside vessels, which is measured in millimeters of mercury (mm Hg), is known as blood pressure.
  14. 14. Gastroparesis  The course of action, where the stomach not able to clean and vacant the food with the normal process, because of the breakage of vague, whose main function is to manage and control digestive system
  15. 15. HHNS (Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemic Nonketotic Syndrome)  It’s one kind of problem which can arise in diabetes, usually associate with type2 diabetes that covers enormously heart blood sugar level without the occurrence of ketones. Ketones are the byproducts of fat division.
  16. 16. Strokes  Generally, People who are suffering from diabetes faced strokes more easily, and usually the main cause of strokes are uncontrolled high blood pressure, or hypertension. The high blood pressure problem in diabetic patient can be found more commonly.
  17. 17. Dental Problems  Gums and teeth bones become weak in diabetes because of improper blood sugar level. Dental problems might occur to diabetes patients, so proper care is necessary and regular checkups are very essential.
  18. 18. Heart problems  Heart problems faced by diabetic patients, one of the reasons are breakage and damage of blood vessels because of high blood pressure.  Coronary artery disease (CAD) and Congestive heart failure are the two types of heart problems.
  19. 19. Poor wound Healing Problems  The healing process in diabetic patients is slow compared to normal one, the wounds may gone through worst condition ,since the healing process in body become very slow.  Main reason behind this problem is slow circulation of blood, Neuropathy, immunity lesser in diabetic patients.  Many complications might be faced just because of diabetes, precaution is better than cure, but if problems occur more seriously, food habits and daily exercises should be included with doctor consultant.
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