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One thought Positive Reminder Tool


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This is a design of the Positive Reminder tool that can be used as an anchor for life envisioning as we stretch ourselves for goals that we daily working on bettering ourselves .
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One thought Positive Reminder Tool

  1. 1. PRT Positive Reminder Tool Shravan Shetty Career Coach Concept :Michael Finnigan Shravan Shetty – Career Coach
  2. 2. The reminder is there to jog your memory about just exactly why you started down the path you have chosen. It allows you to think positively about all the talent you have, about all the sacrifices you have already made, about all the people who are behind you , helping you , about all the progress you have already made, and about all the great hopes and dreams you have for the future. The reminder answers you when you ask yourself “what is the point of all this? Or ‘Why am I bothering? It is there to stop you feeling down. The reminder works because it it releases all those great chemicals in the brain that makes you feel better, energized, inspired, confident , determined , successful, unbeatable , focused , resilient , brave , enthusiastic , and optimistic again. Do you have a positive reminder statement? If not , Write one now.
  3. 3. My Reminder 1. Why am I doing this ? 2. What are my goals ? 3. Who inspires me ? 4. What would they say to me if they could see me right now ? 5. Who is in my corner?
  4. 4. My Reminder (Continued) 5.What do they think of me ? 6.What makes me so good ? 7.Why do I want to succeed ? 8.What am I going to do when I achieve my really big goal ? 9.How will I feel? 10. How will I celebrate ?
  5. 5. Taking this through life • Now type this out carefully , laminated the printed sheet , frame it and keep it on your work desk drawer . • Read this every week every time you are going out for business meeting . Every year redraft it and use it to stay motivated and realign your goals and your “Why?” of your business or career. • Read it every time you feel down. Keep it secret Keep it safe. Protect it. Stay true to it.
  6. 6. One more thing… • Life’s greatest lessons come from situations that are tough, where people struggle , that’s when you find about yourself. • Act like a professional. Passion and persistence guarantees success. • Learn to thrive on criticism. • Gary Kirsten’s message is most relevant here “It’s okay to be vulnerable : learn to understand yourself and the processes you go through when you are under pressure and learn how to deal with it . Pressure then becomes irrelevant, because it is always there.