Project evaluation


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Project evaluation

  2. 2. OBJECTIVE 1‘To interview the designer of ‘MerCulture’ to gather information’- I have successfully interviewed our client and we have used this information as my team member posted it on her website for viewers to understand more about the company itself. Here is a screenshot of the page on the website with the interview posted
  3. 3. OBJECTIVE 2‘To use photos, videos and sound which could be a videoadvertisement, a soundtrack for the website and video and aphotoshoot.’- We have taken a final group shot, produced a promotional video ofwhich the sound track was created by our team member, Rhona. I amreally pleased that we managed to use a good variety of multimediafor this project.
  4. 4. OBJECTIVE 3‘To use a good professional single lens reflex camera, not an automaticcamera’- For our video we used our team members, professional camera, theCanon EOS 500d. I think it was a really good choice as it was simple touse and in result, our final video and photo was of good resolution
  5. 5. OBJECTIVE 4‘To shoot it in appropriate scenery which would be the beach on asunny day’- I think we managed to film in appropriate scenery, however it wasn’tthe best weather but nonetheless, we used filters on our video toenhance and brighten the clips to give the effect of a sunny day.
  6. 6. OBJECTIVE 5‘To use appropriate colour filters and effects on clips of our video to fitthe theme of ‘MerCulture’’- I think that we managed to use appropriate colour filters because ofemailing our client for her colour palette which we used in the video.Furthermore, her response said that she did in fact like our use of colourfilters.
  7. 7. OBJECTIVE 6‘To use a Photo editor to edit our final photos’- Although we did not use Photoshop, we did use IPhoto, to brightenand boost the photo, as well as enhance the contrast of it
  8. 8. OBJECTIVE 7‘To have the ability to reblog media from our website’- Since we used Tumblr for our website, all our followers can rebloganything from our website.
  9. 9. OBJECTIVE 8‘To have the ability to comment on the media produced from thefilming day’- Although nobody has commented yet on the media from our filmingday, tumblr does allow this and also as our client has posted the videoon her official Facebook page, viewers can comment on it here aswell.
  10. 10. OBJECTIVE 9‘To get our video posted on the official ‘MerCulture’ page’- In the end, our client did post our video on her Facebook page andwe are really happy with this outcome.
  11. 11. OBJECTIVE 10‘To have our website on ‘Tumblr’, a famous blogging site’- We did use tumblr for our website and so have achieved thisobjective.
  12. 12. OVERALL COMMENTS AND IMPROVEMENTS- Overall, I am really glad with our final project as our client is happy with it too. I managed to achieve all of my objectives and am proud of sticking to them. If I had to make future modifications, I would use a tripod for our video for more stability as well as having more models in the film of different ethnicities, to promote the cultural diversity of ‘MerCulture’.- From this project, I have learnt the importance of keeping in touch with a client and have technically gained experience in the editing of videos and enhancing of colours and filters. I have also understood how difficult it is to share different jobs within a group in a fair way and manage to communicate within a group.- Nonetheless, I feel I have achieved a lot with this project and hope that our client does gain buyers and viewers for the promotion of her brand.