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Evaluation Question Four


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Evaluation Question Four

  1. 1. Evaluation Question Four How did you use new technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. Construction • For the production of our music video we used a DSLR Canon EOS 650D for the filming. It was fairly easy to use as we only used a limited amount of its functions and relied on post productions to create a professional video. • We also used this camera later on as part of our photo shoot for our magazine advert and digipak. • To make sure our video was professional looking we also used tripods and different lighting equipment.
  3. 3. • For the post-production of our music video we used a programme on the iMac computers called iMovie to edit our footage. Having previously used this software I felt confident and comfortable using it. • We imported the footage onto iMovie and used the programme to construct and edit it. • One main feature we used was filters such as sepia, black and white, vignette and one to brighten the colours.
  4. 4. • We also cut some of the frames down to focus on certain aspects of the clip, e.g. focusing on two male characters • Another technique we used was to slow down the footage. For example one scene to show the aggression of the male characters. • The song for our music video also had to be edited in order to ensure that the lyrics and music matched the visuals. As we also included lip synching we had to make sure this was spot on too. • In order for everything to sync up precisely we had to keep cutting the footage to the very second.
  5. 5. • In constructing our digipak we used a website called • We manipulated the images through different filters and by changing the contrast and saturation until we were happy with the overall appearance of them. • We then used this website to construct our digipak too. • We followed this similar process for our magazine advert too.
  6. 6. Research • The internet was the main tool when it came to research. Search engines such as Google led us to a range of other websites that we utilised. • Google led us to websites such as Will. I. Am’s Twitter page, his Facebook page and Will. I. Am’s own website. • I used these websites to get a better idea of Will. I. Am’s image and his target audience. These websites therefore gave a better understanding of how to appeal to his audience through our music video, digipak and magazine advert. • I used programmes such as Prezi and Powerpoint for elements of my research to present my findings.
  7. 7. • I used Powerpoint (and Slideshare) to present my research into different genres of music, having used PowerPoint before; I found it easy to use. In contrast, I thought using Prezi would give a more creative stance to my blog and so used this for my analysis of three different music videos and my digipak ideas. Having only briefly used this before, it was slightly harder to use, and to add to this I had never used a scanner before and needed to scan my digipak ideas onto the computer. • For our audience feedback we used different groups of people after each first drafts. We recorded them using PhotoBooth on the iMac watching our music video and left this un edited to see their true first reactions, we then interviewed them after (while still recording) to get a better idea of how we could improve our video/digpak/magazine advert.
  8. 8. • We also used social networking sites as part of our research. We used Twitter and Facebook to look at Will. I. Am’s fan base. This gave us a better understanding of his audience and how to appeal to them. • We recorded and presented all of our research onto our blogs. I think using a blog to present all of our findings was fairly straight forward due to the limit functions on the blog. It kept all our findings neat, however, it was hard to move images around the post and so we could not be truly creative when posting.
  9. 9. Planning • In planning our music video, we first created a storyboard by drawing out each shot of our video. We then scanned it onto the computer and posted it onto our blog. • To create our animatic we scanned each shot of the storyboard onto the computer and then uploaded these images onto iMovie. In iMovie we then imported our song and edited each shot to how long we wanted it in our music video, so that our visuals and soundtrack matched.
  10. 10. • For our digipak planning we first looked at the different possible nets that we could use through Google. Once we established which net would be most appropriate we then looked back at our research of digpaks and decided which ones were the most successful. We then went to to edit some possible images we could use in our digipak. • Similarly to our digipak, when it came to planning our magazine advert we used technologies such as to edit chosen images and look at possible designs for our magazine advert.
  11. 11. Evaluation • When presenting my evaluation questions I used a variety of media technologies and electronic formats: • Evaluation One- I kept this as a simple text blog post on to Blogger and included videos from YouTube to help demonstrate certain features. I also created three different diagrams that included a number of images (taken/screen grabbed from our music video) with annotations attached; I created these on Paint. • Evaluation Two- This question I decided to film myself talking through the question and posted this onto YouTube and embedded it onto my blog. Underneath my video I wrote a quick summery of what I spoke about with images too.
  12. 12. • Evaluation Three- I used a Prezi to present my question three. Using Prezi, I was able to import images to help demonstrate the points I made to my audience. • Evaluation Four- I firstly used PowerPoint and then uploaded this on to Slideshare so I could creatively present it. This included images to help demonstrate my ideas and answer.