Learning Object: Journey


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This Learning Object is designed to aid instruction and learning for the introduction of the concept of Journey in English Standard.

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Learning Object: Journey

  1. 1. JourneyEnglish Standard Michelle Merritt
  2. 2. • What is a Journey? JOURNEY • Are there different types of Journey? JOURNEY
  3. 3. Over the course of the Term we will be focusing on the concept of 'journey". JOURNEY
  4. 4. Journey is a term that implies travel; however, the journey can take on many forms. JOURNEY
  5. 5. The journey can be physical, emotional or intellectual/metaphor ical and it can be both positive or negative JOURNEY
  6. 6. and over the course of this journey you may encounter new sights, experiences, cultures and perspective. JOURNEY
  7. 7. Regardless of the form that this journey may take, it tends to consist of many challenges or barriers that have to be met before the final goal is reached. JOURNEY
  8. 8. New Experiences Challenges/Barriers Final Goal/End Point JOURNEY
  9. 9. Physical Journeys Imaginative Journeys Inner Journeys
  10. 10. Journal Activity: • Reflect on and write about, a time in your life where you have undertaken a journey? What did it involve? How did it affect you? Did it change your life/perspective?
  11. 11. Homework: • Select a group of images (1-5) or create a collage that would serve as a pictorial representation of a journey in your life.
  12. 12. The Road Not Taken, FROST I years had been from home, DICKINSON Hello David, DUSTY Journey to the Interior, ATWOOD POETRY
  13. 13. Poetic Structure Key Themes Symbolism/Imagery Figurative Language
  14. 14. The Ivory Trail, KELLEHER Japanese Story, BROOKS ADVERTISING
  15. 15. Structure Design Elements Symbolism/Imagery Language Techniques
  16. 16. Rabbit-Proof Fence, NOYCE Life is Beautiful, BENIGNI FILM
  17. 17. Filmic Structure Key Themes Cinematography Journey Motif
  18. 18. Activity – Concept of Journey Explain the concept of Journey referring to one of the texts you have studied thus far.
  19. 19. Have you provided a sound indication of your understanding/knowledge? Have you thoughtfully planned, drafted and reflected on your response to ensure you have fully addressed the question? Do you have a clear definition of Journey?
  20. 20. Can you/have you referred to language and specific literary techniques used by the composer, including point-of-view? Have you/can you use examples from specific texts when responding to journey?