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School counselor interview


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I had the opportunity to interview Ginny Barrett who is a High School Counselor sharing her 20th year as a school counselor.

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School counselor interview

  1. 1. My School Counselor Interview Created By: Shannon Zirpoli
  2. 2. I had the opportunity to interview Ginny Barrett Ginny is The Guidance Coordinator at Central Bucks South in Warrington, Pa. 18976 She is currently working with Juniors the class of 2016 and will be with them until graduation. Her caseload is 300 students. Some she will see only 4 times a year others she will see more depending on their needs. She feels bad she cannot spend more times with the other students that need her less. She likes this system because it allows her to see her students grow, evolve and mature. Ginny is celebrating her 20th year as a School Counselor.
  3. 3. Ginny does not believe in the importance theoretical orientation Ginny “She realizes that theoretical orientation is stressed in Graduate School but that’s not really how it works in the field.” If she had to pick one she considers herself a behaviorist like Bandura. She asks her students what they want? She says okay this is how you are acting Then she asks them How can you change your behavior to get what you want? Albert Bandura--------------------
  4. 4. Ginny’s primary roles and responsibilities include: Meeting with Students for course selection Holding SAT Seminars for Students and Parents Helping students with college entrance requirement and applications Organizing and hosting College Fairs Organizing and hosting Career Exploration Opportunities Counseling Students both Individually and in Small Groups Dealing with any situation that may arise Working as a team with parents, teachers and administrators to make school all it can be.
  5. 5. How the ASCA School Counselor Competencies influence the role and responsibilities of counselors Ginny does feel that the ASCA School Counselor Competencies do influence her role as a counselor. They are something that must be followed. It is important to remember to be culturally competent and as to remember that family dynamics have also changed. Some administrators say that the main client is the parent. Ginny believes the main client is the students who she works with. She is very student-centered. When she closes her door she tells her students that they can tell her anything. She also tells them that she can saying anything to them as well.
  6. 6. What does a typical day entail Ginny shared that her schedule varies depending on the time of year it is. Currently she is working on organizing College Fairs and Career Exploration opportunities. She is also running small informative groups with her students regarding SAT Testing. She is also counseling individually dealing with various issues and in small groups about drug prevention. Ginny is also working on a program to help teachers to understand the new Pennsylvainia procedures that if they suspect Child Abuse they must now report themselves instead of the counseling department She also said that there are meetings and lots of paperwork to complete.
  7. 7. How Ginny handles emergency crisis situations as they arise while still meeting his or her daily responsibilities At times it is a juggling act. If an emergency crisis situation does take place with one of her students that is her first priority. For that moment other tasks do get put on hold.
  8. 8. What the counselor sees as the essential skills for a school counselor Flexibility Good organizational skills Good Listening skills Resourceful and Helpful Able to multitask Empathy Like to talk Love students and school
  9. 9. Ginny feels fortunate and loves her job! Every day is different and she enjoys being a part of the school team. She loves to talk and help her students to thrive to hopefully grow into strong capable adults!
  10. 10. Questions brought about by this interview include: Am I organized enough to be an effective School Counselor? Could I see myself working as a School Counselor in High School?