Top 10 Airline Mobile Apps that Engage the Connected Traveler


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Great mobile apps by airlines that are combining the power of mobile and social to offer new experiences to their customers.
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Top 10 Airline Mobile Apps that Engage the Connected Traveler

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  2. Case-study 1 bbbbDelta: Glass bottom jet
  3. Making the most of WiFiAt SimpliFlying, we have long talked about the implications that WiFiavailability on-board aircrafts will have, and how it will transform thefuture. Today we’ve decided to open this Top 10 with an app that usesin-flight WiFi to deliver a unique experience to its users.
  4. Glass bottom jetBy connecting to the plane’s WiFi network, users of this iPad app will beable to see an interactive map of exactly what they are flying above. Theapp also features the “traditional” destination guides and flight booking,as well as the possibility to scroll back and forth along the flight path tosee what’s coming or what they might have missed.
  5. The social layerInterestingly, amongst the place marks userscan explore and interact with, there are alsosome social ones such as the location oftheir Facebook friends and images that havebeen uploaded on social networks.The social layer is also further integratedinto several elements of this app and, forexample, allows users to see what theirnetworks are saying about a destination.
  6. Case-study 2 bbbbAA: Know it all
  7. Gamification + connectivityGamification and In-flightconnectivity are two of the biggesttrends in customer engagement andAmerican Airlines cleverly managedto merge the two in its latestapp/competition.To promote the initiative AAlaunched a simultaneous draw thatwill allow entrants to win up to100,000 miles by liking the “know itall page”.
  8. P2P in-flight entertainmentThe most interesting aspect of this app however is that it introduces anelement of in-flight gaming by allowing users to compete against eachother using the plane’s in-flight Wi-Fi network.
  9. IntegrationOne crucial element ofthis app is itsintegration with the AAiPad app. Playershave access to theirAAdvantage accountinformation, one-touchaccess for passengersto check flight details,get mobile boardingpasses and selectseats.
  10. Case-study 3 bbbbAirFrance: Music in the sky
  11. An unusual appAirFrance recently created one of the most unusual and interestingapps we have seen in a while. Its main function is not to book flights orcheck miles but rather “finding music in the sky”.
  12. Catching songs around the worldAs the airline puts it, they have“scattered hundreds of songsthrough the skies around the world”and users can find them by pointingtheir phone to the sky and “catching”them. There are different songs indifferent parts of the world meaningthat users will be able to “catch” newsongs when travelling.To incentivize usage, the airline hasalso hidden a series of games in theapp that allow users to win prizes, ifthey first manage to find them.
  13. Brand associationThe app provides an interesting way to link a lifestyle element like musicto the brand. At the same time it also favors the association of the ideaof exploration and discovery with the brand.
  14. Case-study 4 bbbbLufthansa: Anywake
  15. Waking up to SimpliDreamLufthansa is another airline that decided to apply an unusual twist toone of its apps and target the SimpliDream stage in a “literal” way.(This app is only available in Sweden as of now.)
  16. An alarm clockThis new app allows Swedish users towake up to the sound of a randomlyselected city, and asks them to guess“where they are” . If the answer iscorrect, the user receives a discountcode to book a flight to that city.
  17. Travel inspirationThis app, while providing adifferent way to wake up everymorning, also targets the very firststage of the connected travelerlifecycle, the SimpliDream stage. In this stage the user has not yetmade a decision to travel and canbe inspired to do so by externalfactors like hearing the sound ofan exotic destination while wakingup to go to work or seeing travelpictures posted by a friend.
  18. Case-study 5 bbbb Jet Blue
  19. Instant on-the goThis app seems to have understood theon-the-go nature of today’s connectedtraveler and provides a very interestinghome screen that changes based onthe user’s position on the travel cycle.This allows users to access all theinformation they need without having tonavigate the app. .
  20. In-flightThe app also offers interestingfunctionalities for the in-flight part ofthe trip by allowing user to set andreceive notifications for the airline’sDirectTV schedule. At the same time italso offers more traditional tools suchas the possibility to check the in-flightmenu.
  21. A pinch of socialA somewhat unexpected, butinteresting, social feature of thisapp is its ability to create“customized postcards” that can beshared on social media
  22. Case-study 6 bbbbUnited Airlines: a practical app
  23. To the pointEven though it does notfeature any unusual or uniquefunction like many of the appsin this presentation United’sapp seems to be enjoyingquite a bit of success.According to data publishedby Tnooz, it is the most usedairline iPhone app in the USA
  24. For the connected travelerAlthough this app lacks the socialelement that we would like to seein new apps it does featurevirtually all the practical featuresneeded during travel from mobileboarding passes to pushnotifications on flight status.
  25. Case-study 7 bbbbKLM Tripshake
  26. Think different, have funIn 2011 KLM took a radically different approach compared toUnited’s app, and a quite profitable one. According to our sourcesthe company managed to cover the cost of this unique app in justone month.
  27. Shake for inspirationLike Lufthansa’s AnyWake, this appalso targets the SimpliDream ortravel inspiration stage of theConnected Traveler Lifecycle.However, rather than offering once aday inspiration, it asks users to beproactive and (literally) shake theirphones to obtain inspiration.
  28. Find and ShareThrough this app, users will automatically bepresented the lowest price for eachdestination and be able to share it on socialmedia. It is also possible to limit the searchby selecting travel dates and geographicalarea.
  29. Case-study 8 bbbbVirgin Atlantic: Family of Apps
  30. A family approachVirgin Atlantic is another airline that has decided to offer a “family” ofapps rather than a single one-size-fits-all app. The company does offera central “virgin Atlantic app” that serves the most common travel needsbut complements it with “sister apps” that focus on a specifictheme, such as fighting jet lag or overcoming the fear of flights.
  31. Main AppThe main app is clearly designed to fulfill the needs of today’sconnected traveler, offering features such as check-in, seat selection,flight tracking. However it also includes a few quirky features such asRichard Branson-focused games and the ability to see the position ofthe entire Virgin Atlantic fleet at any given time.
  32. Sharing TravelsOne of the most interesting apps in the familyis the Travel Journal that allows users tocreate a detailed account of their travelsincluding GPS enabled maps, images andpath followed. The Journal can then besynced to Facebook and shared in real timewith friends.
  33. Case-study 9 bbbbLufthansa: Miles and More
  34. On-the-go networkingIn December 2009, long before the introduction of Meet and Seat andother social seating initiatives, Lufthansa created one of the earliestforms of on-the-go networking for its Miles and More frequent fliers: themember scout app.
  35. Location basedThis app leveraged on data provide by the members of Lufthansa’sfrequent flyers club Miles and More. It then merged the data with thelocation provided by the Smartphones GPS system to inform users ofany members who were available nearby.
  36. Latest versionToday the functionality has been updated and includes a largerMiles and More app that features many other SimpliTravel-orientedservices like the shop and lounge finder tools.
  37. Case-study 10 bbbbCathay Pacific: CX Discovery
  38. Engaging beyond the flightOver the past year there has been a lot discussion over the need toengage travelers beyond the traditional booking and flight cycle andinto their full lifecycle. Cathay Pacific took a step in this direction whenit decided to try engaging passengers even when they are away fromthe airline and are not travelling.
  39. A digital life for printThe company turned its traditionalin-flight magazine into a digitalexperience that includes and onlineversion and an iPad app.The iPad app in particular allowsusers to receive the latest edition ofthe magazine and works on theSimpliDream stage by allowingusers to book flights to thedestinations they see featured.
  40. Committed to iPadsIn another iPadcentered effort, theairline included inits main iPad appsome well-designedtravel guides and aMeet the Teamsection where userscan learn moreabout the peoplebehind the brand.
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