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How to tell if your sales copy sucks


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Tune in as Heather addresses the most common sales copywriting mistakes, and how to check your sales copy to ensure you’re not making them… Watch the video here:

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How to tell if your sales copy sucks

  1. 1. SEO Copywriting Tips How to tell if your sales copy sucks
  2. 2. Your writing focuses on the product/service - not the reader - How many times did you include your company name and the words “we,” and “our?” - Readers want to know what’s in it for them.
  3. 3. You’re repeating yourself. Repeatedly. - Repeating yourself = sloppy writing. - Tighten up the copy and delete any repetitive content.
  4. 4. Your copy is TDL (too damn long) - Long-form sales letters/Web pages work - if you know what you’re doing. - Don’t make your readers scroll through useless information. - Try splitting your information up on multiple pages instead.
  5. 5. Thank you! Want more SEO copywriting goodness?
  6. 6. Questions? Here’s how to reach me Heather Lloyd-Martin CEO, SuccessWorks [email_address] Twitter: @heatherlloyd