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Notes for blogging presentation

  1. 1. Notes for Blogging presentation Creating your title page: 1. Go to 2. Click on 'Get started here' 3. Fill out the registration page – create a blogsite address – create a username for login – create a password for login. 4. Click on 'create blog'. 5. Activate the blog by logging in to your email account, click on the email from and click on 'activate blog' in the email. 6. Click on the name of the blogsite in the top right hand corner. This will take you to the admin page of your blogsite. 7. Click on 'Dashboard' in the left pane. 8. Click on 'Pages'. 9. Click on the 'About' page. 10. Create a title for your intro page/homepage in the title area. 11. Write an intro message for your blogsite in the message window. 12. Insert a picture by clicking on 'Upload/Insert' above the text box. 13. Click on 'select files' and select an image that you have saved on your computer. 14. Once you have selected your picture from the relevant folder, click on 'open'. 15. Scroll to the bottom of the window and click on 'insert into post'. 16. Once you are happy with the content, click on 'Update' on the right. Setting the Appearance: 1. Click on 'Appearance' on the left pane. 2. Click on ' Themes'
  2. 2. 3. Select the theme that you like by clicking on 'preview'. 4. If you like this theme then click on 'activate'. This will change the layout/colours/background/appearance of your blogsite. Creating your first post: 1. Click on 'posts' in the left hand pane. 2. Click on the 'Hello World' post. 3. Change the title from 'Hello World' to any title that you like. 4. Populate the blog window with any message/image (in the same way we did for the homepage)/video that you want. 5. To insert a video from Youtube, go to the youtube page, click on 'share' below the video, then click on 'embed'. 6. Copy and past the link it displays. Come back to your blog message window, click on the 'HTML' tab on the top of the blog window. Paste the link from youtube. Click back on the 'Visual' tab. 7. When you are happy with your first post, click on 'update' on the right hand pane. How to allow students to comment on your blogsite: 1. Go to the 'Dashboard' page of your blog site. 2. Click on 'comments' 3. All comments will be displayed here. Click on 'approve' under the comment to display the comment on your blogsite. This will make the comments visible to all people that visit your site.
  3. 3. Post 1: Week 1 Assignment – Introduction – About Me My name is Kassim Mastan. I am from Riyadh. I am 19 Years Old. I study at King Saud University. I want to study Medicine at the main campus next year. Can all students please write a short paragraph introducing yourself to the class, similar to the example above. Please post your paragraph by Wednesday the 1st of February 2012. This is your first homework assignment. Post 2: Blogging ideas Can each group please post 2 ideas that teachers might use as a blog activity with their classes.