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This brief slideshow is a refresher for first time wordpress.com bloggers, as to how to get into their blog and post pictures with their content.

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  • Sometimes the hardest part of blogging is simply getting started.
  • B4yu slides

    1. 1. Welcome to Blogs 4 You – U Training Module #1 – The basics
    2. 2. Let’s get you on the road to blogging success. To start, open your Wordpress site at www.wordpress.com, log in with your password and go to your ‘my blogs’, click on ‘your blog name’ and then ‘dashboard’ – which will be demonstrated in the next slide. Go ahead, I’ll wait…. www.blogs4youu.wordpress.com
    3. 3. There are two ways to access your blog to post. First, on your blog page go to your blog name in the upper left corner like the example on picture 1– in this example the blog name is Blogs 4 You –U, then hold the mouse over the name or single click and then the menu will reveal itself below, like in example 2 on the next page. Example 1
    4. 4. Here in example 2 you see the drop down menu - now click on Dashboard.
    5. 5. Your dashboard should look something like this (below) now click on Post.… www.blogs4youu.wordpress.com
    6. 6. Or open an existing page to edit or change.
    7. 7. When making changes to an existing page or post, don’t forget to ‘UPDATE’ which really means ‘SAVE’ your changes. See update tab on right. www.blogs4youu.wordpress.com
    8. 8. Now update before you click on the View Tab at the top to see your blog or view your changes View page tab Update 1st – then view page.
    9. 9. Don’t Panic!  Don’t panic if you forgot to update and instead, closed the screen; the system automatically saves a draft. Look for ‘draft’, then mouse over it, ‘edit’ will appear below the draft title, click to open and then finish your post, then UPDATE.
    10. 10. The second way to access your blog to add a post is to hold the cursor over the W – the menu will drop down and show ‘New Post’ OR, by holding your cursor over the ‘ W’ the option for ‘new post’ appears in the drop down menu. ‘W’ for Wordpress New Post
    11. 11. This brings you to the post page. Just follow the instructions on the page.
    12. 12. Ready set go -  Now that you have had a refresher on accessing your blog – either way you choose – go in, post (which means write a blog post) on whatever you wish. Remember that a post should be relatively short, this is not the place for your thesis on world peace. Keep it around 500 words, always add a good title, an image (following the upcoming instructions), and hyperlinks. Hyperlinks, will be covered in the next training module, #2.
    13. 13. Back to the Dashboard and inserting images into your post - Because we all love pictures -
    14. 14. Click on Add Media www.blogs4youu.wordpress.com
    15. 15. In upload files, then ‘select files’ to retrieve the jpeg images from your desktop. www.blogs4youu.wordpress.com
    16. 16. This screen will pop up revealing your desktop files. Select the JPEG file you want to upload to your blog and double click on it. www.blogs4youu.wordpress.com
    17. 17. I clicked on the golden seal and it opened in my ‘insert media’ file. I select it by clicking once, then insert into post. That picture will now be stored in my ‘media library’ for future use. Select image Insert into post
    18. 18. Congratulations! You’ve completed your first course on how to blog. That should get you started for now. Remember, practice makes perfect! Visit www.blogs4youu.wordpress.com for more information. Proceed to Module #2 - Hyperlinks.