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CWG Presentation


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CWG Presentation

Published in: Leadership & Management
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CWG Presentation

  1. 1. Collaborative Work Group Redesigning Adult Developmental Disabilities Services
  2. 2. Background • The Idaho DD Council formed the Collaborative Work Group (CWG) in 2011 • Created to improve service system • Works to achieve first goal of 2012-2016 strategic plan
  3. 3. Who is Involved in CWG? • 18 volunteer members • Members come from all over the state • Members play different roles – Both traditional and nontraditional services Click the link for more information about CWG members
  4. 4. Vision • Focus on improving the lives of adults with disabilities • Meet lifelong needs, interests, and choices • Providing opportunities • Sustainable services • Quality, individualized supports
  5. 5. Accomplishments • Informing policymakers • Research • Passing legislation • Survey
  6. 6. What do you think? For adults with developmental disabilities For Providers click the link for the survey Call Suzie or Todd: 1-800-544-2433 or
  7. 7. Information • Keep updated in August with the CWG self-direction webinar • Click the icon to learn more about the Idaho Council on Developmental Disabilities and CWG • Click the icon to learn more about the My Voice/My Choice self-direction option
  8. 8. Thank you! My Voice/My Choice Self-Direction Option 1-800-544-2433 Email: Collaborative Work Group Members