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Partners On Demand: Working with your printer to print sustainably

Presented at Resource: Green Design Expo in Portland, Oregon on April 22, 2010

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Partners On Demand: Working with your printer to print sustainably

  1. 1. POD4Print Who is POD? Provide Solutions Beyond the Obvious  Professional Manufacturing Organization  Solutions oriented  Defy the printing industry stereotypes  Re-define printing services
  2. 2. POD4Print Stated Business Objective: Accountability to:  Our Environment  Our Community  Our Customers
  3. 3. POD4Print Our Environmental Track Corporate green policy Reuse Recycle Limit toxics Eliminate hazardous waste
  4. 4. POD4Print Some of our Eco Policies and  No waste leaves our facility without testing: Initial, in-process, periodic  Everything that can be recycled is recycled:  Provide employees opportunity to recycle on site  FSC certified, support sustainable
  5. 5. POD4Print Some of our Eco  Highly controlled process for neutralization, silver extraction and discharge for plate processing  Capturing and cleansing area for containers prior to recycling  Professional and environmentally
  6. 6. + = Environmental Partnership
  7. 7. POD4Print A significant ECO Participated in the “Environmental Partnerships – Hazardous Waste Program” with Oregon DEQ. As of 2008 POD earned exempt status with DEQ by eliminating hazardous waste from our facility.
  8. 8. Printing Sustainably Here’s the big picture Social Bearable Equitable Sustainabl e Environme Economi Viable nt c W.M.Adams "The Future of Sustainability: Re-thinking Environment and Development in the Twenty-first Century.”
  9. 9. SUSTAINABILITY Social Value the human asset – internally and externally Improve the quality of the experience Build sustainability into the messaging Select partners with an alignment of ideals Promote the betterment of the Bearable - Equitable - Viable
  10. 10. SUSTAINABILITY Environment Papers from well managed forests Utilizing recycled Content Recyclable Materials Limit toxics Minimize Waste Bearable - Equitable - Viable
  11. 11. SUSTAINABILITY Economic Design and execution makes fiscal sense Optimize target audience Reduce run lengths to fit Combine print with other media types Financially strong partners don’t cut Bearable - Equitable - Viable
  12. 12. SUSTAINABILITY Sustainability in Printing All technologies have environmental drawbacks Be objective – don’t lose sight of the big picture Ask questions. Make sure your printer is accountable for their sustainability program Use ‘Carbon Neutral’ approach when
  13. 13. PRINTING SUSTAINABLY Paper and Substrate Choices Coatings and Laminates Turn key services Your printers’ sustainable practices Efficiency
  14. 14. PRINTING SUSTAINABLY In Summary Select printing method that obtains the highest possible rate of return Select a printing method that balances the principles of Sustainability Measure your results, refine your approach to obtain continuous improvement